Assassin – Step Pon Dem Lyrics

So we a step pan them step pan them
Wid we boot and we high power weapon them
Kentiya man a step pan them step pan them
Them a fret you nuh see di cold sweat pan them
Down kirk we a step pan them step pan them
We gun a rise like di sun and it a set pan them
Fire house we a step pan them step pan them
Black rain a fall and a wet pan them

(Verse 1)
Don’t diss cause man a dignitary
And we backative former than di military
And member we buss it if it necessary
Run up pan you wid di bury, hole yo fi bury
And yow, we have something weh a blast like tunda
Wey a shoot like Ronaldo and a wear di same numba
So if yo diss me then you will be going unda
We hang you wid a cord anuh honda

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cash we a deal wid we nuh tek cheque
We nuh accept treat nah disrespect
Informer storing information like a diskette
A murder when me liff di tek
Boy diss and a talk bout a mistake him mek
Them neva know say a so di thing set
Them neva hear a dozen raps a ring yet
Say them a gangsta but them a insect

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Well I was born brave but I’m bolder now
Was cold from birth but I’m colder now
A murder! Them fi know say man a born solja over di years
And still a solja now
So Hut two three four betta you stop talk before
Me rise up me guns, bombs, grenades, anthrax, cyanide and c4
What you wanna war wid me for
You’re a punk what you acting like a G for
Yo seet, everybody know you a fool
Run up inna me tool and detour

(Repeat Chorus)

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