Konshens – Out A Road Wi Seh Lyrics

Before mi sit down and dead fi hungry
Prefer tear the road from town to country
Wi cyaa be no gazer in a them yah last days yah

Riley, wi tell them seh a out a road wi seh
Anyweh the money deh check mi round deh
Reound deh mi deh
Mi naw go itch up in a yah
Rapped up under sheet
Out a road mi seh, food haffi eat

Yow a out a road wi seh
Anywhe the monney deh check mi round deh
Round deh mi deh
Mi naw go sit down and a panda
Naw relax pon no veranda
When money call mi haffi answer

(Verse 1)
Them wonder if macka in a mi bed
Mi cyaa sleep caw the money plan up in a mi head
Si the road deh, the white line mi turning it red
Before mi si mi daughter hungry mi rather dead
Buss off head fi the one weh try stop da food yah
From a likkle youth mi deh in a da hunting mood yah
Hustler from when mi deh pon suda
And meck it worst, mi get big and get mi likkle junior

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I prefer to ask than to beg
But mi prefer to beg than to theft
Hustle fi mi own that’s my belief
Go hard fi every sheet and every leaf
Every coin pree devour fi the treader
Any means fi the greens ghetto dreams
Mi no have none but mi full a ghetto plan
So this mi haffi seh to all the little ghetto ones
Education, determination, equal elevation
Uplift yo nation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)