Busy Signal – Up Lyrics

Seh wi a gwaan build a vibes cause the gyal dem out
Yeh, gyal fly in from all bout
Creech mi ear some a shout
From North, West, East & south

Seh this s summer time and the gyal dem up, up
Pocket buss table tun up, up
Touch the road clean bare girl surround us
And the whole place loud the thing buck

The gyal dem clean and sexiness up, up
Whatsapp dem ask mi what’s up, up
Nothing wa nuh straight dem cyaa join us
Some bwoy fi minus a bare gyal a find us

(Verse 1)
Cause man a floss, gyal a pass
The time get so hot to rass
Born as a winner wi no come yah fi loss
Haffi get a gyal fi brace in a the dance
Buy out the bar mi nuh matter weh the cost
Play the boom tune meck the speaker dem blast
Hustle fi the money a that fi endorse
Touch the road clean all because

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi love the way yo bounce and yo bubble gyal
SPF weekend wi a go mi gyal
Yuh a wine and a cause bay trouble gyal
Walk suh meck a pose and model gyal
All inclusive this a exclusive
Gyal yo bad mi seh da style deh abusive
Wining illusive
And when shi kotch it pon di curve it so seductive

(Repeat Chorus 2X)