Laden – Always A Smoke Lyrics

Yow Owen a vibes wi deh
So weh the vibes fi deh
Yow gimmi a light
Light mi deh, Boogie

Get some grades from plat up
Wrisler fi rapped up
Hot grabber spliff fi get mi head hot up
Smoke till mi eye dem lock up

Always a smoke, grades never out
Right now mi brain a float
A float
Stink up mi neighbor house
Fross mi faver ghost
Always a smoke the pounds

(Verse 1)
The highest set a grades Matches Lane
Brain box bun out, ashes brain
Mi give weedie a spliff him seh weh this name
The grades get him higher than these plain
Bun it out an 100 pon the dop high main
Bay steam chalice round a Macoy Lane
Mi no waan the grabber if the grabby lame
Yuh si Boogie wid the pipe an no Papoye name

Wi build spliff after spliff, ofter spliff, ofter spliff
If we short a trees yow a disaster this
Anytime mi get a archy a ratch off a spliff
Take a draw off a it, mi head top start to lift
Mi a bun it everyday, bun it anywhere
High grade through mi nostril a so mi stay
Anytime yo si mi role through a go mi way
Could a rain fall or sunny day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
High everyday brain cyaa stop float
Naw stop smoke, an mi cyaa stop smoke
Even tho smoking gimmi a rass black throat
Without the grades I cannot cope
Snipe use one light one
Fasca push trees inna him van
Mi love the grades more than a one night stand
Yo understand

(Repeat Chorus)