Deablo – Money Cyaah Done Lyrics

Caw wi monwy cyaa done
Hi cyaa done
Everywhere wi go gyal a seh dem waan come

Caw wi money cyaa done
Hi cyaa done
Meck wi kick it off like wi pon a ball ground

Caw wi money pile up
Liquor pile up
Everywhere mi go bare gyal a wine up
Caw wi money pile up
Pusha light up
Every real hustlers fi push a light up

(Verse 1)
Every ghetto youth waan fi be the winner
Live life comfortable like 50 pillow
Bad people nuh beg bwoy fi bring wi liquor
Prefer dead from thirst or go drink viniger
Member the days when mi couldn’t find food
Now champagne mi can sip fi dinner
Pon a cruise pon the high way in the beemer
House big like the castle weh the king live in a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Money start meck suh mi haffi thank Jah
Pocket full a doe like mi a the banker
Big up every ghetto Home Sted to Flanka
One day the whole place wi haffi conker
Big up every lawyer, every lawyer
Every man weh tough it out and a hustle gnager
Every man weh hustle hard everyday
And a meck dem own a money
And nuh beg bwoy fi nuh sponsor

(Repeat Chorus)