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WATCH: Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Official Music Video

Nicki Minaj dropped the highly anticipated video for her latest smash hit single “Anaconda.”

The explicit music video was released on Nicki Minaj Vevo channel last night and has since rocked up more than 4.5 million views.

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The Colin Tiller-directed video shows Nicki Minaj and some banging females shaking their booty on a tropical themed set. Midway the video, Nicki Minaj head to the gym in her bikini. Towards the end she gives her labelmate Drake a lap dance.

“Anaconda” was produced by Polow Da Don and Da Internz and is the second song off Nicki Minaj upcoming album The PinkPrint, due later this year.

Nicki Minaj says she will be the only artist on the album, but fans can look for some surprises.


  1. Desperation is sad.

  2. uuuuuh

  3. I like the visuals of this video and that’s about it.

    • Don’t badmind.

      • Hate where? Did you even notice that “simply irresistible” move? I know you too busy watching visual p#rn on mute as I was. 🙂 Usually chicks “hate” what they “see” and not what they “hear” especially when it comes to other “chicks.”

        It’s fine Tweley I know you n#t in your pants at the first few seconds. roflol

      • Your assumptions are kind of scary, this person you are describing I feel bad for. I just know you are way out your league. I’m too content Salena 😉

      • roflol so apparently men like out of shape women as long as they have a fat ass. roflol If men want to see fat asses they should come to the “South”. roflol Plenty of over weight people here with fat asses.roflol

      • Nicki is in good shape, she has the proper doctors to maintain that.. it is what it is. I like women with a slim yoga body, so nothing will sag and fall apart. I just can’t see Nicki doing any wrong, can’t blame me.

      • I’m talking about the song and not Nicki. roflol I find asses disgusting. roflmao So I guess I’m one of those “skinny assless” chicks she’s talking about. 🙂 I’ve never seen someone give a “lap dance” while wearing jordans maybe this is something “new.” 🙂

      • I like good looking women that are “healthy” If you have no ass while having no hips, you fail on arrival lmao.

      • Damn all you see is a piece of “meat”. So a 34B, 25 inch waist and a 35 hips is doa for you? roflol Damn no wonder why some women get breast implants and ass implants where they sit on daily. I’d be scare to sit on my ass implants.

      • I see more than that, but everyone don’t mind their spouse looking good. I’m sure you got a good body, but it’s dormant for some time lol and women die from implants so they do shots of “fat” Pretty disturbing.

      • Put it this way I’m probably the most out of shape skinny girl you’ll ever meet. But you won’t be able to tell by looking. It depends on what you “call” looking good. What if I say that you have to be at least “8” let’s do even better “12.” And guess what, we’ll have to go a bit farther than “first impressions” for me to figure that one out.

      • Lmao I already passed your weak test. Not even to brag.

      • roflol So you’re walking around with a “ft”maybe even more….yeah sure. I hope you’re not including your “balls” in that measurement. Get the “measurement tape” out maybe even a “ruler” as I don’t trust your measurements. Let’s double measure. roflol Matter of fact get someone else to do the “measurements”.

      • You forgot about us black guys from the majority of your relationships. Lol thats all you think about is size.. I see where your mind at lol.. say no more.

      • Roflol You think you’re funny. I’m making a point about your superficial preference. .And at the end of the day I realized that my preference proved to be stupid. As men are all horn dogs no matter what they look like. And if he’s a Scorpio he’s even more hornier than usual and comes with a “1up” and a deadly “sting.” roflol

      • Too bad I’m not a scorpio… I’m not even a “horn dog” but didn’t you consider it an art and as a lover of art that’s right up my ally.

      • It’s only “art” when we are on the same wave length or if I’m the one in control. roflol Did you measure it again? 🙂 Rewatch the video again but try to hold out long enough to conduct the measurements. This data is vital. roflol

      • Lol you been dormant for so long you have no idea what waves are or control is, so you need a expert “refresher.” No need to do all that, confidence goes a long..way.

      • I’m confident in my ability to lower your “standards” to the point where I’ll be able to collect this crucial data and pass it along to the next “chick.” Maybe even have you rethink and question everything about your “superficial preference.” roflol
        I use to have a preference but some “dudes” were able to make me overlook my “superficial preference” based on “personality” alone.

      • You acting like I’m picky to the point, I deprive myself. No one is perfect. You doing all this data collecting, figures why all hope is lost for you. All this dating has gone to your head.

      • I don’t know you said that -ass + – hips = d.o.a.. Not even suitable for procreation. roflol Tweley I don’t care about the “anaconda” size but if it’s bigger than I imagined I’m heading for the hills kicking and screaming. And finding a way out of that “encounter.” 🙂

      • That’s just one thing, her face etc.. I wouldn’t rule out a pretty face.. not that picky. I never said anything about what you imagined, I just know i haven’t gotten any complaints.

      • That doesn’t mean anything.I wonder if you’d tell a woman that her left breast is bigger than the right? Or that she needs think of ways of reducing her stretch marks and or cellulite. roflol I wouldn’t tell a dude that I was practically “counting sheep.” I’d try to weasel out of it as a matter of fact I’d probably get him “drunk” maybe even sneak out. roflol

      • Salena why is it you’re single though lol.. all this independent lady talk is futile. I actually have convos with women, not foam at the mouth.

      • Listen to “Natasha Bedingfield Single” to get the gist of it. roflol I’m serious do it while we talk!:)

      • Sounds all well and good now without a family of your own 😉

      • Did you listen to the song? You want a family? I thought you said that you didn’t want to be married?

      • Does marriage = family.. I do want my own at the end of the day, a ring shouldn’t “validate” that lol. I listened to her feminist undertones, nice try 😉

      • Some people think that having “morals” means getting married before starting a family as it shows a deeper commitment. I however don’t think this way if I’m to marry some dude. I need to at least “live” with him first to determine if I’ll be his “zombie wife” or a “runaway bride.” I don’t want to be already bound to him before I determine that his hoarding of animals and po#n addiction is too much.

      • Why do you assume all these things, lol stop dating dogs *coughs*

      • Tweley how we gon start a family when your skin is invisible? I don’t want our kids to inherit your genetic trait. roflol

      • I’m visible up here, lol.. work with your southern surroundings I suppose.

      • I thought we already established that I am fine without the opposite sex although I’m completely heterosexual. Tweley so why are you still single? Surely there’s women around fitting your superficial preference. Don’t give me that “work hard” syht either. Because men expend little energy” knocking boots” so there’s always time for it. Sex is the first thing with men. Let me guess the women of your “preference” is proving to be just that “superficial”.:)

      • I’m not single in a sense, I have women with potential.. I just don’t want to string them along and my life takes a turn they can’t fit into.

        LMAO at superficial, I make a comment about women looking good and you are trying to put that on me. If a women looks good of curse i’m going to prefer her as oppose to someone with 10 love handles.

      • I hope you’re not breaking hearts. roflol I hope that these chicks with +hips and + ass knows what’s going on and your not sending out mix signals. I’m sure some of them already have the “wedding” already planned out.
        I’m saying you should want someone who you mesh with beyond the physical level. *sighs* I gone dude.”Hail up your flock of seagulls.(say hi) roflol

      • Women I talk to are actually smart etc, I’m just not in that realm of taking that step. I’m moving out of this state to a neighboring one soon, so yea.. like I said I have life plans. No wedding in site either. You been trying for so long to make me look like the bad guy, you have a feminist agenda that’s coming to light.

      • Tweley relax I like you and I’m just sparring with you for fun. But just know when you come into contact with us women that our “minds” are already set on the “wedding” so tell the rest of the male species. rofol No editing necessary on this page. Nite Nite and let me know your “true measurement” latta. roflol 😛

      • Lmao ok yea night

      • By the way a “smart” woman still has the ability to make “stupid” decisions once the proper “disco stick” is administered. I gone for real now but just think about that. 🙂 I’m off to counting sheep.

      • Salena, you are at it with Tweley again, you are killing me just run into these posts. LMFAOOOO

      • I like Tweley even though he’s very critical and I think he’s not as open minded as I am. Where’s Zig? 🙁

      • I getting into with a A.A. woman talking about the “idiot” editors must inhabit an island on that beyonce 2 child page