Chan Dizzy – Hero Lyrics

A nuh likkle bit a time mama pray for mi
Whatever that yuh need mi a be there mammy

Mammy yuh a mi hero
Yuh always deh, deh, when mi need yo
Without yuh in my life I would be zero
When this world get cold yuh show mi real love

A that’s why mi haffi tell yo
You go girl, you go girl
Whatever yo want mammy a your world
You go girl, you go girl
Mi love mi mother bad

(Verse 1)
Mi reminisce and remember days
From a tender age when mi use to meck yo temper raise
Jah, Jah, mi a beg yo led a ears
MI need the blessing fi buy mama a house and have a Benz a steer
Landlord use to cuss because the rent late
People yuh owed forward and hell raise
Strong black woman yuh nuh haffi give yo self praise
A the world mi a tell straight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Thanks fi the patience and everything yuh thought mi
Your words and your teaching I will never be depart with
Your soul I will keep
More time mi know yuh did not have it
It hard fi survive pon a teacher salary
Straight love and respect and honor fi
Mama V yuh a my queen

(Repeat Chorus)