Shawn Storm – Trust Lyrics

Informer cyaa know weh mi walk
Dem no fi hear when mi talk
Bwoy seh dem bad and sell put to di cops
Fi two pear a clarks
Waterford, mi no thrust dem
Mi no thrust friend
Waan mi dead last, true mi fuss dem
A informer long time
Wid two dose a badmind
As a shot buss call 119
Yuh fi hear and def, si and dam blind

(Verse 1)
Then as mi catty walk pass
Here come informer start fast
Meck phone call to mi baby mother to rass claat
Is a good thing are shift short fast
Lucky dem never si a weh di car park
Gaza full dark so gyal haffi half pass
Inna di car left di window half mask
Nova half glass, high grade half grass

Money start run so di money haffi show
Friends start inform, turn inna mi foe
Cause mi waan fi know how police did know
Weh di tek key lock out a door

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Don’t watch di money weh mi meck
Before mi start meck
Money life was a reck, di ugly like shrek
Beast from star trick
Now a ten million to mi bank book check
Informer no stop tek set, true mi mother alright
And shi naw fret, fret
Mi daughter fresh, fresh, she’s so Emaculate
When shi left primary shi haffi go Emaculate

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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