KipRich – Affi Mi Name Lyrics

Dem fi know seh a risk dem a run
When dem try fi stop mi strive
Draw dem a try draw wi out
And wi a try fi stay alive

(Verse 1)
Hey a no likkle bit a dem a try stop
Words a wa so mi no matter how yo chat
Dem wouldn’t mine fi capture mi in a dem trap
But mi no licky, licky, pon no face yo cyaa drop
Behind mi back dem would a love fi call mi c–k
When dem a hate yo no si a fi dem gyal a flock
Act like dem touch but a mack dem deh a mock
Dem think the thing dem light until dem run up in a stock

Mi ears dem a ring, mi ears dem a ring
Dem a live paw mi name like food fi the belly

Ears dem a ring, mi ears dem a ring
If talking could a kill man drop dead already

Chatty mouth come off a mi bloodclaat name no
Come off a mi bloodclaat name

Hey come off a mi bloodclaat name no
Yuh have a suicide game

(Verse 2)
Nothing cyaa meck mi stop
Better yo lock yo lip
If yuh no waan ear yo get a medares trip
Caw wi no tek crop wi meck duppy bat flick
Yuh go round Spane Town yuh a go fly then yo flip
Information service yuh a practice
Nough a dem weh act tough a actors and actress
Si and blind, and def yuh fi understand this
Yuh no hear yuh end up on the brighter light list

(Repeat Chorus)