Beyonce and Jay Z Separate Their Assests Ahead Of Split

Every couple of days you hear a crazy new Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumor, but this one trump all the previous ones.

The hip-hop power couple has been making tabloids headlines since that viral video of Jay Z and his sister-in-law Solange fighting in a New York hotel elevator.

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The rumors range from Jay Z’s affair with Rihanna to Beyonce affair with her bodyguard.

Now according to the NY Daily News, Beyonce and Jay Z are currently carefully orchestrating the business of splitting up.

“Let’s leave it at it’s only a matter of time (until they split.) It’s so obvious now it’s embarrassing,” a source said. The duo are currently on the West Coast leg of their successful On the Run tour. “Around the time the tour ends, they’ll make a choice on whether they want to separate or admit trouble. “They’re performers. And they’re good performers. It’s a business now, and they are business partners. And they don’t even fight. They know what it is.”

Another source says Jay Z is fed up and can’t wait for the tour to end to stop living a lie.

“He wants this tour to end and he wants the rumors to stop,” says our second source.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s joint On The Run tour ends in September in Europe. The tour is expected to gross over $100 million.