Demarco – Gone So Soon Lyrics

One day life will come to an end
But I know that we will surely meet again

Buss a blank to all the falling people
Buss a blank to yo friend dem weh gone and leave yuh
Yo family, yo love ones
Mi know that grieve yuh
And if yuh seh yuh would a kill a man
Dawg mi believe yuh

Cause mi friends dem shouldn’t gone suh soon
Nobody from mi family fi gone suh soon
Swear to God seh a day nuh pass
When mi nuh call yo phone just fi hear yo talk
But until we meet again
Memories live one

(Verse 1)
Buss a shot meck noise
Everything rise
Big up Tafa, the dawg Rex, Spice
Big up mi don Patrick bout in a the same voice
A him meck the youth dem could a get dem red rice
Mister Corn, although yo gone
Yo memories still live on
Juise Land to Samacon
Marvally station seh hold on

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


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