Gage – Kitty Kat (Pt. 2) Lyrics

Somebody tell which path kitty gone
Big black sticky weh fi keet kitty calm
Kitty nuh fi hungry
The kitty nuh fi yarn
Kitty get milk from dusk till dawn

Kitty, kitty, weh yo gone
Kitty gone in a dark
Kitty gone left the yard
Mad mi a mad when kitty left the yard

Nobody nuh si the kitty
Mi seh oh what a pitty
Kitty tore down the city
A mad mi a mad when mi cyaa find kitty

(Verse 1)
Sparks mi waan yo fi remix this
Big black wood and a nuh penis this
Gyal yo could a bad like a 66
Something haffi bruk like a Ritz biscuit
Who me? Mi have everything fi yuh cat
Something pull out a tin fi yo cat
Hundred and one way mi a skin yo cat
And if yo cat hungry I shall bread fi yo kitty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Search right yah suh cause mi haffi meck sure
Kitty nuh deh yah suh, kitty nuh deh next door
Check Poly Royal, check back road
Suh mi haffi check out the kitty pet store
Search mi a search, mi a search fi the puss
Tear down the road mi a tear down the bush
Look fi the print mi only si a foot
Look like kitty mussi gone wid a kush

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)