Serani Ft. Cecile – Slow Motion Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Girl put your hands where yo know it land
Why is the love on the stand
Grind paw mi body to the sand
This feeling cant done
Cause I never get a cat fat like this
Yo never get another back shot like this
Mi a get a lollypop candy kiss
I cat like that I cant resist

Wine in a slow motion
Mi meck yo wetter than the ocean
You feel mi a squeeze it yeah
Do anything fi keep it

Girl wine in a slow motion
Mi meck yo wetter than the ocean
A fi mi, mi a seized it
Do anything fi keep it

(Verse 2)
Take out yo love bout ankle
A fi yo suh a yuh fi just conker
Shock mi wid yo big long tangle
A real man mi want, no want no bankle
A never ride a bigger black bike than this
Fling mi meck mi giggle, meck mi turn and twist
A me invent the lollypop candy kiss
Bet yo seh none sweet yo like this

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Bum paw mi c–key likkle longer
How mi go suh hard yuh a wonder
Just baba roots weh mi under
Yuh a meck mi stand stronger
No rain cloud never get wetter than this
Yo never si a flute blow better than this
Every time a you deh yah mi never go dis
Yo cyaa dweet yo get dismiss

(Repeat Chorus 2X)