Kiprich – Everybody Get Bad Lyrics

No behavior, hear mi no frass
Mi no play wid people
Mi no give a heck if a ball head or rass
Put dem in a tall back vehicle
Wa dem know bout Spanish Town
Know bout clans an wanada
Manish clown, butly an bubba
March Pen, mi two god father

Over night everybody getting bad unu hear yah
A hope a no one bad a chat prepare yah
It look like the summer a go talk da year yah
Clear the telescope meck mi si dem clearer
Clap it, clap it, step up inna war gear yah
Not even in a taxi mi no carry fear yah
So if yuh a meck a bag a chat an cyaa defend it
Yo done faster than spending a shearer

(Verse 1)
Hey how dem fi war over style
And if Obama dem alone fi war over oil
Member mi seh hey yah, hey yah, 20 99
When it rebirth mi take it wid a smile
Look yah no, mi meditation no wild
A no every likkle thing yo hear yo blood fi boil
Right yah now it look like the summer go spoil
Marco waan war wid teacher bad child

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy hear clappers a burst an how quick him run
Run out a breath an a gap dem haffi sit him down
Tough out a road an inna house gyal a kick him down
Poodle dog inna face tongue a lick him down
Yo violate wah the dan seh bring him come
Hurry up before a juvenile fling him down
Jet a stripe off a yuh so a king him turn
Meck yo family bringing rum

(Repeat Chorus 2X)