Dr. Dre Suing Fake Beats Companies In China For Billions

Dr. Dre says he lost billions due to fake Beats By Dr. Dre headphones coming out of china and he is suing to recover his lost earnings.

Dr. Dre and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine just made $3 billion selling the high end headphones brand to Apple. But the legendary rapper/producer says he could have been more filthy rich if it was not for Chinese knockoffs.

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According to TMZ, Dre is suing several companies in China that sells counterfeit cheeply made headphones with the Beats logo. The companies sells the headphones worldwide via several websites and raked in an estimated $135 Billion in revenue.

Dr. Dre wants a judge to stop all sales of the fake headphones, take over all the domain names and profits from the sales.


  1. Don’t piss off chinese, lets not forget.. they also make the real ones lol.

    • They were given the task to make, not to distribute

    • Haha..yes, with american technology and our recycled garbage which is re-sold to LAZY, greedy, impulsive customers..
      In case you haven’t noticed, even most of your GENUINE products that come out of china are ENGINEERED to break, for example, your phone..or most things made of plastic which is perfect for this type of sabatoge( for example, a $400 STEEL table with small easily breakable plastic pieces on the framework, all too common).
      So why buy brands that do it..and why not let american companies know that we have high standards and draw the line.

      BOTTOM LINE: American companies who outsource are selling out the very ideas and peolple who MADE this country!! Research before you buy, stop buying inferior plastic chinese-made garbage.
      P.S. You really think and economy of a country as big as china can survive on something like this alone(plastic technology)…it’s a boom-bust economy lately….I am glad I don’t live in china…something bound to implode, already starting with 3D printing tech…and this is just a small tip of tip of the theoretical iceberg.

      • I mean your statement sounds like a conspiracy, of curse plastic will break. The common probably I can find from what you said though, is that the production of plastic shouldn’t be mainstream with printers due the effects of not recycling them properly. It will continue to harm our waters.

        I just stated that real and fake comes from China even fake stores pop up in China, it’s hard to combat their piracy.

      • Its hard but its possible with all the resources available on web.
        Its a conspiracy on your wallet..
        I think people who invest in 3d printers will be designing products specific to their application, creating less wasted parts, with better trained minds creating better suited products that will last longer. cheers