Jah Vinci – Give It To Me Lyrics

I like when you move it like that
Girl I know you want it
Make no sense yuh a tell mi your lonely
Girl you can call mi
I can be the man to your rescue
Girl put it on me
Love me while am pleasing your body

And the moment that we make love
You cant get me off your mind
Cause your body got the fire
And I like the dynamite

When you say whoo baby, whoo baby
I love it when you touch me right
Love it when your with me right
And am gonna make you like it

(Verse 1)
Sexy shake girl give it all to me
Mine is worth more than diamonds and rubies
Wow she’s flawless, pretty likkle goddes
She remind me of the girl in the movie
I don’t care who hate this
Making manny feeling famous
Yes will my new chick feel like a new kicks
So you know I got the ladies

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pretty like a rose but yea only like a rosery
I love that girl so you know you can know me
Why you make my heart skip a beat
Didn’t know you could move me
Girl am looking for a groupie
But girl you should choose me tonight

(Repeat Chorus)