Turbulence – Over Now Lyrics

The problem will be over now
If you just take a puff, take a puff
The problem will be over now

Take a wiff yow, then yo problems will be over now
If you just take a puff, take a puff
All your problems will be over now

(Verse 1)
Mi seh di way di herbs a bun, mi smoke di challis and a speak inna tongues
And all a tun a smoke nearly meck mi cough out mi lungs
The redoring meck mi head a spin like a set a rims
Help mi sex yo body meck mi sort out mi sons
The dealer inna mi stuff am furious
A two cup load left and mi fraid yeh mi curious
Di white lady so dangerous
Because nuff man try are and end up with yo brain a buss
Mafiel full yo vane a puff
Am no LA…but di herbs is subolious
And I feel so well when I smoke it off
Pass my fears away

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pon di Sabbath day mi keep di Sabbath holy
Herb up inna mi tal, mi psalm a read and praise and glory
Newmonia catch mi, high grade go cure hi
High grade, high grade, put down before mi
No time at all mi cyaa over stand
A wa dem a fight against di herbs for
A wa dem a plan and legalize, fi go better alcohol
And no waan fi legalize di healing of di nation

Free up inna yah so, sensimenia insulin
Bless up king Salomon, hail him king isoling
Naw push no needle underneath mi lovely skin
Just take a wiff, take a wiff

(Repeat Chorus)