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Munga – Drink & Floss Lyrics


Give thanks
Mi glad seh mi si a new year
Money haffi meck so mi catch a new gear
Nuff things gwaan, a from mi friend dem gone
So mi haffi thank God seh mi si a

(Verse 1)
Somebody call Bamma fi sell mi a cris pack a wrisler
Tell the selector fi juggle some Sizzla
No time fi war mi a slap weh the bar
Mi have a fat pu–y gyal and Tagey have are sister
Mi take a big pull out a mi high grade
Den mi look to the stars and seh a small prayer
Pure likkle Henny pon the ground fi mi thugs dem weh gone
And tell mi friend Bya

Tonight mi a drink and floss an merry
Smoke till wi eye dem cherry
Mi a gwaan brace paw Dawn and Kerry
Mi just a gwaan hold a vibes caw mi glad wi alive
One more year so mi glad seh mi deh yah
Mi thank God seh mi deh yah
Mi and mi friend dem a party together
Wi a live like sister and brother

(Verse 2)
So mi haffi shout out mi thugs dem straight
And mi know who fi big up caw mi rate who mi rate
Money haffi meck and wi a gwaan hold the faith
But the time is now a longtime wi a wait
100 lane seh dem cyaa violate
Grands Pen wi no take talk from no bait
Dynesty yo know a Munga honorable
Representing GMC and hill top straight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)