Demarco – A You Me Say Lyrics

Gyal brace up yo pu–y fi mi
Yeh some retro more stushy, stushy
And mi seh big fat c–key it a full up fi yo belly
Like bus park a Half Way tree
Gyal run left boyfriend and gone to we
This a the c–key weh gyal waan fi see
Hear some bwoy a kick and a pizz of a gyal
And a catch water knee

Truly, gyal how yuh f–k so good
Every other day mi haffi come back
Wine pon the buddy bruk off the c–k
Quint up yo pu–y just like that

A you mi seh, a you mi seh mi done chat
A you mi seh, a you mi seh mi done chat
A you mi seh, a you mi seh mi done chat
Gyal fi yo pu–y mi wi fire gunshot

(Verse 1)
Shi could a black, shi could a brow snow white
From the pu–y good mi deh, deh, whole night
Gyal haffi know how fi ride the chrome bike
Gyal weh drop and chip up a that mi don’t like
Gyal haffi know how fi hold mi gold mic
Pu–y under fire like when yo stove light
Shi no get it fully yet but shi get the most of it
Black out that wid no sight

(Repeat chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal yo hold, caw yo look good
Yo pu–y tight, and yo f–k good
Get a A plus caw yo s–k wood
Skin out yo pu–y gyal meck mi shrub it up good
How it suh nuff up, mi gyal yo pu–y nuff up
When yuh tek off the draws mi gyal yo meck the c–key tough up
Mi force it up in a yo pu–y that a buss up
Gyal stop yo noise shut the f–k up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)