Patexx – Better Daze A Come Lyrics

Better days a come
Brighter days a come
Every ghetto youth

(Verse 1)
Mi never born wid gold spoon in a mi mouth
Mi and mummy one daddy never did deh bout
Get introduce to the one Blunt
But God know mi never tek that deh road
Mi a tell yo music a my life
Things get better from mi link Rodney Price
You have faith once you have life
Poor people wi soon alright

Better days a come
Better days a come
From yo rise up early in a the morning
Yo si the shining sun

Better days a come
Better days a come
Ghetto youth gwaan hustle fi the money
And please mi a beg unuh fi put down the gun

(Verse 2)my
Mummy fi alright a deh suh my medz deh
House pon the hill yes a deh suh my medz deh
Bank account fi loaded and a swell weh
Progress yes a deh suh my medz deh
Tired a the chicken back dinner every Friday
Tell mi which path the MP guy deh
As dem get fi wi vote dem a hide weh
But Jah still a guide wi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Poor people better days are coming
Dry your eyes
Sufferation wi a run it
Out a wi life

Mummy better days are coming
Wipe your eyes
When the money will be flowing
Like rain drops from the sky

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)