Mavado & 3 Star – Do It Again Lyrics

Man a ride
Woman a drive
A suh mi know
This yah summer nice
Weed pon the board
Liquor pon the ice
A suh mi know this yah summer nice

Oh God let’s do it again
Mi smoke, drunk
Disappear, do it again
Mi get high like the satellite dish
Mi and all a mi friends
Do it again
Over yah suh, over deh suh
Up, do it again

(Verse 1)
Da party yah ram thousands of car light
The gyal dem pretty like star light
Pretty browning, that a my type
Ride her out pon the 3 wheel bike
To a place weh bushy, bushy
A no fi nuh man weh no get pu–y
A no fi nuh gyal weh a act stushy
When a summer time anyweh yo put hi

The bass and the treble in a mi head a c**kle
Yeh mi clean and a out a suh the thing a happen
High grade deh yah wid all kind a bottle
Now mi high like every building in a Manhattan

Gyal dem a brace and a wine pon the baton
Meck mi feel her silka a buck paw mi cotton
Dem know wi no bruk, none a the liquor dem no trust
No, dem gyal yah love wi like f–k

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fi man buss a rosey, buss a brown bottle
Woman coconut, ciroc and pineapple
If a the middle a the street it a happen
Watch the Snow man a left the place flatten like waffle
Mister Wackey haffi dance in a him coffin
Squaddy spec seh fi left the sound meck the car truckle
Tick body gyal meck yo ass rattle
Knock it up like none chattle
Maga body gyal cyaa be forgotten
Gyal yo slim but yo pum, pum, fatten
Young and old pon the mall dem a shopping
Fi da summer yah a this mi si a happen

(Repeat Chorus)