Mavado – Jump Out Lyrics

Father God enemies a meck a bag a wishes
Dem nah si wa dem waan fi si
Dem waan si mi suffer like dog
And a death out a Halfway Tree
Dem a send a bag a hit off a mi
Waan mama fi cry over me

What a day when mi jump out
What a day when mi jump out

(Verse 1)
Lock mi up dem throw weh the key
But dem no have nothing paw me

Inna jail and a suffer like god
A mi kids dem mi waan fi si
Cold ground was my bed last night
Rock was my pillow
Even hen it dark at night
Jah, Jah, mi see yo

It seems am into these hands
To Jah, Jah, mi must chant a psalms
Jail time in a GP and Remand
Rockers island or a tambrin form
Dem tek yo shoes lace and give yo toothpaste
No trust police some a dem a two face
Meck mi tell yo in a prison a no cute face
No raper bwoy meck sure a shoot case

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Right now not a fly mi no trust
Not a girl, not a guy mi no trust
Seh dem a yo friend and yuh fi lie inna dust
Dem tell police seh a 9 man a buss
Over mi things dem a fight and a fuss
Huff and dem a puff like a rinazarous
But mi deh yah fi mi enemy no time fi adjust
In a cell in a the system dem dying fi have us

(Repeat Chorus)