Busy Signal – Alright Lyrics

Sexy gyal tell mi wa yo waan
Wine inna yo heels balance like lady saw
Position meck mi rub you down like yo deh a the spa
Shi ball when mi have are up inna the corner

Alright y o no black and white like zebra stripe
Alright yo full a the grip an yo know yo tight
Alright gyal a bubble it yes a that mi like
Alright mi a wuk are even if shi a
Alright me and are lock it down inna the night
Alright something quint but a no no eye sight
Alright the way shi a ride pon the bike
And a eights up the something like a kite

(Verse 1)
No gyal no more than you
Anywhere you go man want you
Gyal yo cute inna face, fit inna waist
Brand new like something wa pull out a case
Gyal you a lead you a number one
Some gyal name call pon thousand man
You no listen when dem chat caw you a the chosen one
Gyal you naw left yo husband yeh

(Second Chorus)
Alright mi haffi go get a hot gyal tonight
Alright shi a bubble pon the thing that mi like
Alright shi sit down the take off like a flight
To the way how mi strike like a matches mi light
Alright shi bubble love the way how shi bounce
Shi gimmi da style yah wah hard fi pronounce
Wheel yo hand a go down an yo bounce to the ground
Tick tick it like the second hand clock a spin around

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat First Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)