Exx-Streem – Drop Yuh Panty Lyrics

This gyal come inna mi room and a gwaan
The way how shi a move and a grove and a gwaan
Shi got the wickedest wine
That’s why right now mi haffi tell are seh

Girl line over who have the way
How you move yo body paw me
I drop yo panty, jump pon the donkey
Mi waan yo ride it all day

Girl I love and who have the way
How you move yo body paw me
I if you waan go ride Gucci Khago
Mi meck yo ride it all day

(Verse 1)
No call mi no honey Suzanne
Yo seh yo bad and now a seh mi buddy too long
Gyal yo funny, a tell mi, mi a wuk hi too long
But yo no too wrong
Yo no get mi buddy yet
Mi naw stop fu*k if the pu— no suddy yet
Position and meck mi buddy meck
Anywhere yo si mi, yo seh si mi buddy deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Girl don’t come inna mi bed room fi idle
Inna bed room mi never lose mi title
Balance paw mi biddy like a unicycle
Meck mi show yo how mi use mi ruffle
Mi full a energy don’t gimmi no coffechino
All mi need is a Guinness and a pack a peanut
When mi done it a disaster like Catrina
Left yo inna file tissue world like a dreamer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)