Aidonia – One Heart Lyrics

When you find that somebody
That somebody
Everyday you just a think bout her

Not a day cyaa passed and mi no call her, text her
Mi just a think bout her

Even when mi gone pon tour
Girl you are sure
Seh mi just a think bout her

Even when am sleeping girl
Dreaming of you

(Verse 1)
One heart, girl it’s yours
Mi one heart
Am feeling sure
One heart
Feel this feeling deep in my soul
One heart take control

Baby gyal yuh a mi everything mi heart beat
Miss yo likkle pretty look yo face mi waan seet
Waan hug yo in a mi arms and kiss yo paw cheek
Da loving yah weh mi have feel fi sure mi waan keep
If yuh every mad at mi, mi cyaa sleep
Stressed out not even food mi nah eat
Real off meck yo feel weak in yo knees
Yo know when the feeling deep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I just wanna see you smile
Brighten my day like sunshine
Belly full a butterfly like a likkle young child
Girl yuh always on my mind a no just sometime
On my mind when mi sleep, when mi wake up
Mi body just a shake up
Miss yo bad mi waan fi hear yo voice
Mi phone mi take up
Mi wi never tell yo seh fi gwaan
Mi no waan fi brake up
Hear my thought, my thought girl

(Repeat Verse 1)