T’Nez – I’m So High Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Right now me gone up in a the sky
So high, am so high, so high
Right now mi feel like mi mind climb up in a the
Top of the tallest trees
And mi nah go lie mi a fross all mi life
But da one yah gone extreme

Henny pon the rock, champagne pon the ice
Vodka, Ciroc, every liquor a mi choice
Yeh, lui the 13 wi a drink and toast
Right now mi nah watch the price

Am so high
Caw the vodka deh creep up paw mi
Mi no smoke but mi eye dem red

Am so high
And a bay hot gyal deh surround mi
From Bizzle a mi real friend dem

(Verse 2)
Bizzle the way how mi frossot
The way how mi boast
Mi a go tun over any how mi move
A hot cyaa stand up beside mi a talk
When mi feel like mi ears no have no use
Don’t know weh mi a chat
Seh mi confuse
Everybody weh mi si, mi si dem in a tow’s
And a haffi float mi float go hail Triton
Caw mi no feel mi foot dem move

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Junior lift off the cork a the cranberry
But Hennessy a run like a pipe
In a the party mi deh
How mi feel like seh mi deh pon Caribbean Airline
Oh what a feeling, sit down pon the cloud dem a hold a reason
Oh what a feeling, look mi a look down pon the sealing

(Repeat Chorus)