Vybz Kartel Aka Addi Innocent – One [New Music]

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel drop a new single “One,” Produced by Good Good Productions.

Alright, mi and gyal correspond
So mi aim fi the pu–y and mi never miss one
Gyal yo meck the di– stand
A da wine deh yo gimmi meck mi build a hit song
Pon the Gaza mi no kiss man
So no tun dung yah, better yo tun a christian
Haffi get a lawyer mi go a christian
Chris Gayle day mi a go Pakistan

Listen full track below.



  2. Smh… you hate kartel but take the time to google him and read the latest article? And then take a minute to comment? There must b some kind of admiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yikes!!! Another moron joins the fray! How in the F U C K does hate and admiration co-exist in your antediluvian mind?! You have got be one of the dumbest poster ever to grace these comment sections.
      I hate pork, but I admire it. I hate cheap wine, but I admire it. I hate cigarettes, but I admire them.
      Please continue to give your head a shake!

      • I feel that everybody is entitled to there own opinion! What I like does not mean that everybody else has to like it but at the same time I am not going to dislike something based on others peoples beliefs, facts, opinions or feelings. I have to be held accountable for my actions at the end of the day and I have to live my life for me.

      • Mrs.K, I can not, and will not argue with facts. Everything you wrote is true, and rightfully so.

        Let’s just take cloud9’s opinion of me for an example. His opinion clearly states that I hate Kartel. I’ve already let it be known that I do not hate people, only the things that people do. He also has the opinion that I GOOOOOGLE Kartel to read the latest article written about him. Fact is, I’ve bookmarked urbanislandz, and read it daily without the use of a google search engine. Above and beyond that, each and every reply to any of my posts ends up in my email inbox. His opinion also states that I admire kartel. Such a statement couldn’t be further from the truth. I loathe those who would turn their backs on their own Blackness, and so easily bow down to the will of their colonial masters.

        So, yeah…everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but opinion is not necessarily fact.

      • Thanks Ziggy, Sometimes, what you say and think is not going to change a persons opinion about what they believe or think. Do you have to like it no should you respect it yes? Lets take for instant Ziggy you stated ” I do not like the things Kartel did and I loathe those who would turn their backs on their own Blackness, and so easily bow down to the will of their colonial masters.” Ziggy, This is your opinion and I respect it. Let me say this I stated in my earlier post everybody is entitled to their opinion as well as their own belifs you don’t have to agree with the person be you should respect his or her opinion and beliefs. Ok,so they say Kartel is a murderer and he got life in prison.They say he Guilty and Not Guilty. They say he was setup. They wonder if he will get an appeal. Inquiring minds want to know about Vybz Kartel. Only Vybz Kartel can answer the true questions to the mysteries that inquiring minds want to know the truth and what really happend and if he is guilty or not guilty. At the end of the day all of the fuss is over if he is guilty or not.There is a whole lot articles, and websites being read on the inernet about Kartel once the media got a hold of it they added everything to it but the kitchen sink. We must also remember everything we read is not true. There is one thing I am certain of, Kartel is human just like the rest of us and I 100% certain he has some wrongs to right whatever that may be. I do agree with you that opinion is not necessarily based on fact all the time but it is some times based on whatever the individual believes and chooses themselves.

      • And ur opion is that cloud9 is a he, I am a she who is not blackness but best of both worlds, a jamaican mother and italian father, ill continue to think that you love the man ??????

      • Hi cloud9, best of both worlds too. Black JCAN mother and Syrian father.

  3. Vybzzzz is THE BEST!

  4. why u mention so much fag singer?

    • …of the nine men and one group I mentioned, who among them are gay? Name one, or shut your damn piehole!

      • Why do u come comment on all Vybz Kartel things if you don’t like him? You come run your mouth to everyone acting like you know everything saying you feel sorry for Vybz fans? You are a person lost in here writing a bunch of things that no one cares about. Get a life you stupid muppet. Go bleach your eye balls and save yourself from having the urge to read all Vybz Kartel news. Don’t act like you don’t listen to every song he releases too you retarded penguin. Your a btch. If your bored Mr Encyclopedia.. Try mastering kicking yourself in the face. Ya big Azz clown.


      • Of course you are, Gitlo! People who suffer from delusions of grandeur rarely know how to live.


      • That is a lie! Need proof? Look at the comment from Daisy
        Morgan. Compare her comment with mine. Do you see what is
        happening here? Nope! That’s incorrect!
        If no one cared about what I wrote, then I would have as
        many replies to my comments as she had to hers. It appears
        that you, and your ilk care more about me writing about the
        facts surrounding Adidja Palmer than you do Daisy Morgan’s lofty
        opinion of Kartel.
        BTW…even a lost stupid retarded muppet penguin with
        bleached eyeballs holding an encyclopedia while kicking
        himself in the face knows the difference between
        your, (the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective) and you’re, (the contraction of “you are.”)

      • Cuz he secretly loves him hahahhahaha

      • Please post proof, or prepare to be mercilessly ridiculed.

      • Your real clown .you waste your time jus to come on here to talk shyt about an artist you hate.You must be a fan because i see you commenting on everything about vybz kartel .That don’t make no sense .Grow up and stop lookin for attention from these likkle gurls that follow you on here .Acting like a damn fool

      • Oh…the irony that can be found in your reply!


        Clowns name themselves King Gitlo (pronounced GET LOW). Where is your kingdom, Gitlo, where are your subjects to rule over, where is your palace??!

        Your delusions of grandeur has you believing that I can be reasoned with, or made to acknowledge your royal behind. This I find extremely amusing. The false dichotomy of your assertion that I hate Kartel, while simultaneously claiming I’m a fan of his work, makes for much laughter on my side of the screen.
        Maybe when you start making some sense, I might respond in a manner befitting your royal derriere. Until then, I will treat you like the circus clown that you appear to be.

      • Your brain will swell up and explode if you continue to do drugs while reading encyclopedias. That tornado going on inside your head is gonna f u k you up! Slow down Harry Potter.

      • Drugs?! No drugs here. I don’t support criminals, or gangsters. IOW’s, they ain’t getting a f#cking dollar from me. Plus, I need my mind to last for as long as I live. Drugs do not help with that process.

        So no, I won’t be exploding anytime soon.

        I’d rather have a tornado going on inside my head instead of that super massive black hole you got going on inside your head, a black hole where even the light of human intelligence can’t escape from.

        Harry Potter is a fictional character whose best attribute is his magic wand. I use no such wand as I slice, dice, and chop my way though this comment section. My weapon of choice…these tiny black letters. You betta f#ckin’ recognize!

      • A proud keyboard warrior. A real badman.

      • I’m hardly a badman! Bad men eventually end up in prison, or in an early grave. Bad men only know how to take things, they never give anything back to the World which has given them so much. Bad men like to treat women like objects to be discarded on a whim, abused at will, and kept chained in sexual servitude. I’m definitely not a bad man.
        I do live my life like a warrior. I treat every battle as if it could be my last one. I protect the weak and slay the strong. I fear nothing, or no man.

      • !?!?

      • LMFAO!!!! Too much…. lmao Fagfag tun buffy di slayer

      • Yet, when your kind sees me, your kind instinctively knows not to chuck any badness my way. I also notice how easily y’all switch from hardcore J’can patois to ‘speaky-spokey’ when I’m in your face, asking you, “what the faq did you just say?”

        I can smell fear on your kind from a mile away…y’all ain’t chit without your guns. In the dance, in the club, in the party…you’re unarmed and so so very impotent, that’s why you mind your faqing manners, ain’t that right, ya dumb faqing hoodrat!

        Yeah, and BTW…I couldn’t help but notice no one else in here talks more about gays, and battymen than you! Why is that, brah?

      • Nah, hes just a nerd

      • BBC!!!! Di man explain and break down Harry Potter. and him slice and dice wid him weapon of choice LMFAO!!!!!

      • Prince…. Da man deh scream gay madness. Ah dat yuh like eh? I bet yuh dress di same way. And R. Kelly a pedophile.

      • LMAO! You’re a proper idiot for real! Prince is not gay, you dumb f#ckin’ ignorant moron!

        Thursday 20 November 2008
        “Prince has again come under fire this week, and not from perfume manufacturers. The Purple One is being slammed after he criticised gay marriage in a recent New Yorker interview, saying it isn’t “right”.
        “God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out,” Prince told the New Yorker’s Clare Hoffman. “He was, like, ‘Enough.'”

        Where exactly do you get your facts from…inside a crack pipe, maybe?
        So…how much prison time did R. Kelly get for being a pedophile?

        Yeah! I thought so!

        Hahahahahahahahahaha…ROTFLMFAO@this retard!

    • Is it because they aren’t dancehall artists, maybe dancehall didn’t come out yet. And I didn’t see any gay artist in that list.

      • If only you had their blinders on, Gloria. You would see gay around every corner, behind every wall, even under your bed at night. These people are obsessed with homosexuality. Kartel knows his fan base very well, and that’s why he would drop a lyric like, “Pon the Gaza mi no kiss man”

      • For real, see the king change his moniker, please rip him apart that’s supposed to be a stage name Tupac used. He’s spelling it wrong. Salena and I are your girls the down low king said.They want everyone to hate gays I grew up with that. I am so glad I left JA…

      • Using Tupac’s stage name without the mind, and attitude to back it up is pure folly on his part. I see one of his replies in my inbox with the moniker, Makaveil on it. I didn’t know what that was until you told me. The stage name used by Tupac is spelled, M-a-k-a-v-e-l-i. Gitlo is such a dumb punkass Beeyatch he can’t even get that name right.

        I have a confession to make. It was me who caused him to change his name several times over the course of a few hours. I mercilessly ridiculed the first one to near death, then I kicked it clear into next week. I see he has put up a new name for me to abuse…and ridicule.

      • Oh I see, he been changing like crazy. He is one totally confused king.

      • Yup! He’s totally confused, much to my amusement!

        I’m still LMFAO!!!

      • I Luv It, Keep up the good job…LMFAO

      • I got him on another thread. He’s talking to Salena hard like some love sick puppy. I think he wants to marry her. He’s TFF. He’s making my belly hurt from laughing so hard.

      • Oh, u missed it. That been going on from late last night. Guccithin and I been going at him all night. Also he said u and I aren’t invited to the wedding. He’s begging like a lap dog. I don’t think Salena is dumb she is a smart woman. He is a snake every time he changes his moniker is when he’s shedding his skin. LMFAO he is hilarious

  5. I feel sorry for this guy’s fans. I don’t know how they take it listening to his homophobic BS!?
    When rapping about D I C K and P U S S Y, why in the f#ck does one even mention kissing a man?! I don’t get it! I think about all the other singers/rappers who drop all kinds of lyrics about sex, and none of them bring up the homosexual variety…R Kelly, Miguel, Prince, Anthony Hamilton, Ron Isley, John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, The Weeknd, Raphael Saadiq, and even Jodeci don’t play that chit!

    • Yuh cyaan change wi Ziggy ah so it go. Same way no one can change u. If yuh nuh like it doh listen. Mi cyaan listen to not one of them singa weh yuh just name. D’angelo alone Mi did listen to from America.

      • Yeah, I know! The type of singers you like to listen to remind you to keep your lips off of other men!

      • Why it mad yuh so? Ah dat mi a listen to, not every song dem chat bout bun battyman. Chuck inna yuh grave fagfag.

      • I ain’t mad at ya! No, on the contrary, I feel sorry for ya! Unlike you, when a girl is rubbing up on me in the dance, the last thing I want to hear coming out of the speakers is man-on-man sex talk. You stay there and listen to those homophobic lyrics. Me! I’m moving the f#ck on.

    • Sorry for us? Kartel is by far the best lyricist in dancehall. 2014 doesnt mean we have to accept gay’sysm. They shall burn in hell when time comes and because we don’t like dem doesnt mean we are homophobic….

      • Not only are you people homophobic, but you’re delusional as well. No one is going to burn in hell, for hell is a mere figment of some bronze-aged desert-dwelling goat herder’s imagination. Once you die, the flesh is gone. No flesh, no autonomic, or somatic nervous systems. If your flesh is gone, what’s left to burn for all eternity?!?

        No one is telling you to accept anything. All that we (civilized people) demand of you is that you respect the rights of all human beings.

      • Wishing them to burn in hell, and not liking them. Tell me what you call it Don Kartel? Since you are not homophobic.

      • By the way I am not a idiot or a gal, I am a woman. You didn’t have to curse to make your point. I don’t believe everything the bible say man wrote it. And why worry you are not the one burning in hell. Also I could cuss u to a JA me born and left a teenager. But I won’t go there that’s idiotic. Don’t reply

    • You are obviously gay.. And retarded. Little bit of a.d.d there too. Its ok… Breath, you will be fine. At least you are alive. Be thankful for life. It’s not your fault your a gay retard with a.d.d. Tomorrow’s another day. Your a pickle.

      • LMFAO ETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Wow! Your exceptionally acute senses are working overtime.
        It’s just too bad that they’re wrong 100% of the time. I know you wish I were gay, but wishing someone to be gay, and actually being gay are two very different animals. You see, I can wish you to be smart, intelligent, and articulate…yet, nothing I wish about is going to change the fact that you’re an ignorant homophobic f#cktard whose best comeback takes on the form of a gay-assed strawman argument. You construct your gay strawman because you are incapable of refuting my argument. So, what does the weak-of-mind do??? He/she/it attacks the messenger instead of the message.
        Your high school teacher was right when she called you a perennial loser!

    • idont get why you come on here and click on his music just to hate . If you feel that way about him you don’t have to listen to him .But clearly all you do is hate on someone who could give two f–ks what you think .Go get a job and stop being badmind .

      • I got a job, thank you! It pays quite well, and the people are great to work with.

        I’m still puzzled by you Kartel fans and your undying adoration for a convicted murderer. Is being a murderer, and convict the two requisite requirements of all your heroes?

        Know this, Gitlo, (pronounced GET LOW) and know this well…those who don’t give two F U C K S about what I have to say about Kartel do not, and will not ever reply to any my posts. Those of you that do care, will reply and post complete and utter nonsense about me, in a pathetic attempt at diverting attention away from the facts surrounding a convicted murderer. Once again, I’ve caught you in a lie.

        Furthermore, those of you that care about the facts I’ve raised about Kartel will do anything in your power not to address said facts, instead your kind will inexplicably gravitate towards a strawman argument, or launch into an ad hominem tirade. Your kind does not like facts, so you attack the messenger bearing the facts. That is the strategy of a weak mind; a mind bereft of any intellect whatsoever.

      • my problem with you is that you keep talking about a man that you have so much hate for . You not saying nothing in those essay you be writing at all .You seem to have alot of time on your hands to be always writing on here .

      • Time is just an illusion. What may take you 20-to-30 mins to read only takes me a fraction of that time write.
        …and yes! I do have a lot of time on my hands. Since I’ve been on here today, I’ve recovered important data from a malfunctioning hard drive, replaced it with a brand new Seagate 4tb SATA HDD, re-installed Windows 8, and am now in the process of configuring and updating it through Microsoft Windows Update. My only quandary is whether I should charge this woman $125, or $250 for my efforts. What do you think?

      • I think your a moron

      • LMAO! Do any of you cavemen know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE, FFS?! The reason I ask is, if you’re going to call someone a moron, everything you do and say must be beyond reproach. Anything less, and you’ll have posters like me calling you an ignorant country bumpkin who couldn’t spell their way out of the third grade.

      • You are a virgin, little gay lookin boy. Let me give u a tip. When the time comes when a woman (I will pretend your straight cuz I don’t like talking about gays.. You can convert what I’m saying to your dark side) becomes naked infront of you.. When your big azz brain shoots you signals such as the fact that one of her titties is bigger than the other.. Instead of explaining to her how to even them up by having such surgery that I’m sure you will describe to the fullest extent, just take a deep breath and say ZiggyFagFag…… It’s ok! ….. (Obviously in your case you will be comparing testicles)

      • What causes a grown-assed man to devolve a conversation into some BS homosexual argument?! Me thinks you have deep feelings for other men. Feelings which you should be exploring with other like-minded individuals such as yourself. I’m surely not the one you should be conversing with about your repressed homosexuality.
        Why else would you even mention my testicles if they weren’t on your sexually repressed mind??! I definitely ain’t thinking about yours. Why bring mine up unless you want to wrap your lips around them!? Is that your ultimate goal?

        I mean, for someone who claims he doesn’t like to talk about gays, you sure do talk a lot about gay chit!

      • Nobody brang up your pebbles Mr Bleach Eye.

      • You know Yul Brenner? You know his tightest boy Junior Bevil? Friend of Derice Bannock & Sanka Coffie? Coach named Irv.. He has a father named Whitby.. (Was this in the Encyclopedia?) You remind me of him. %110.. You will come around you.. think you know everything f u c k i n g cheeseburger. Vybz Kartel will one day be on stage and your f u c k i n g cheeseburger head will be in the crowd showing your Vybz Kartel T-shirt. From here on I call you Whitby.

      • Yul Brenner!? The bald actor who died way before I was even born? No, I don’t know him. I can’t say that I’ve ever watched a movie with him in it.
        However, I’m going to have to summarily dismiss the rest of your unintelligible delusional rant as the mindless musings of a Kartel groupie.
        Please try again to craft a cogent reply without the added hyperbole. It just makes you appear more retarded than you already are.

      • Be sure to read Daisy Morgans post on here very carefully. You love facts and its defininitely a fact you must learn Mr Bleach Eye.

      • I already did, and have mentioned it in one of my posts. Please try to keep up!