Female Rapper Says Solange Attacked Jay Z Because Of Her

Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are being rocked with scandal after scandal since that infamous elevator fight leaked online.

Since the video made its debut online there have been a number of attempts to cough up an explanation as to why Solange attacked Jay Z. But the Carter family has so far only released a state

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Now a Miami female rapper name Liv is saying that she is the reason for the bizarre attack.

According to reports from Life & Style, Liv says she and Jay Z met while she was shooting a commercial. She is claiming that Jigga asked for her number and told her he will contact her the next time he is in Miami.

Liv says that she and the rap mogul saw each other at Nobu in New York City where Solange flipped out.

“Solange was upset when she saw him talking to me,” Liv said. “This mag got the story 100% correct…. He fell heads over heels for me but I chose not to pursue him out of respect for Bey…. Not too many women show each other that kind of honor…. So no, I did not sleep WITH JAY Z…. But YEs, I could have.”

Liv also post an image of the magazine cover and article on her Instagram further fueling the story.

Do you think Jay Z was trying to creep with Liv?

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