Popcaan – Where We Come From Lyrics

Real tugs never forger the dump land
Or where mi come from

Real tugs never worry bout pagan
Cause wi destiny done plan

Some say we nah go live long
The others seh a judgement road wi live pon

A next set say mi sell my soul to satan
Jah bless me fi shame badmind wid hit song

(Verse 1)
Anju Blaxx…Mi a go tell dem bout Happy grove
Yo could a call it Poppy grove
Mi life never easy, mi don’t chad a happy road
Badness mi used lock the road
Mi always dream big seh mi a go lock di globe
An MTV bring the episode
SHotty Mark dead a grade 9 and that was a heavy load
Pronci kick wi out fi go touch the road
Dre Skull… me drop a Seaforth
Every Thursday mi deh a station a report
Thirteenth year old juvenile haffi pree court
Every school gyal a give me deep throat
Dumphries, when me touch a Portmore
Popskul links go up more
From 3 West to 5 East lock the place and wi done sure
Help out mi family when mi well pore

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
RIP Scumpy a you did seh Popcaan
And if a bwoy diss wi clap corn
It hurt mi heart how Bomba Terror life gone
The pain hot like the sting from a python
A suh it go still, remember life goes on
And I am the chosen
Regular mi haffi have mi brother shoes and clothe on
Suh mi tek the road on
2008 make the link with the World Boss
Start travel the world first class
Badmind cyaa believe how we shell down the world fast
A look pon the rims when the whip passed
Puff mi spliff in mi dream car
Music make the dream last
Stay true to mi tugs, mi no waan see no new one
Never sell out ask Grizzle and Buzzman

(Repeat Chorus)