Popcaan – Give Thanks Lyrics

Pop Skull and Dre Skull
Tell the youth dem fi live life careful
Cause dog eat dog in a the place where mi grow up
Whole heap a stitch up and sow up
Man have rifle weh meck blood run like syrup
All who no dead get lock up

Badness a the only thing mi know
Give thanks fi music
Cause if a never music
Mi would a have nothing
Dem daily a use it

Badness a the only thing mi know
Give thanks fi music
Cause when mi a step
Mi a bwoy weh wid less than 3 clip

(Verse 1)
So mi a teach them the right thing
No man life nuf license
Ghetto youths stay far from horizon
You must help yo father surprise him
Watch the pagan dem wid yo eye king
Dem wi kill yo when yo rising
Badmind yo fi vikings
Dem waan take yo life
But the best thing for me
Take care a mi tugs and mi family
Ghetto youth haffi shake down the money tree
Most time in a court guilty wi plea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Whole heap a threat Poppy get
No fear, never fret
The kell to the tech
Make dem cyaa stop mi breath
Pon the battlefield wi no soft like Yvette
Work hard fi mi things till mi sweat
So ghetto youth meck money
Take care a yo mommy and yo daddy
Dem street yah no love nobody
From mi a grow a bay dead body

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

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