Munga – Hustling Hard Lyrics

So mi haffi big up every hustler an all who juggle
Big up every sufferer an all who struggle
Money man a pree yo know wi naw look trouble
Yo si fi da year yah

Man a tun up the hustling
Caw wi no have no time fi no suffering
Every youth waan visa fi go foreign
Yeh big man talk a no stuttering

Man a hustling hard, hustling hard
Haffi pack few container fi send a yard
So wi hustling hard, hustling hard
Could a banana chips or phone card

(Verse 1)
Descent money haffi meck wi no come yah fi sky lark
Big up all a who a hustle pon the side walk
Every igler inna country an town
Gwaan sell a few sneeks an juggle few clarks
Big up the youth dem wa wipe car glass
Respect the rass wid the peanut cart
Shout out selectors wa play a night time
Cause everybody play dem part

(Repeat Chorus)
So any weh the dollar sign deh
Deh so my mind deh
Si mi pon the hill top mi a climb deh
Lyrics inna mi line seh mi tell yuh long time
Seh money fi stock pile a that man rhyme seh
Mi an mi friend dem haffi fly pon plane
Pon big check mi haffi sign my name
Every one a the youth dem wa inna my lane
Jay Town, T G, Fire House an Spain

(Repeat Chorus 2X)