Chief Keef Evicted From Rented Mansion, Brags On Instagram

Chief Keef is homeless at least for now.

The Chi-Town rapper was evicted from a rented mansion in Highland Park, Ill earlier this week.

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According to Chicago Tribune, Keef owed $30,000 as of March in back rent. The rapper seems unfazed by the whole ordeal and brags about it in a video he posted on Instagram.

In the video you can see movers moving out Chief Keef’s belongings while deputies stand and watch.

A rep for Chief Keef told Urban Islandz that the rapper was not evicted because of outstanding rent, but because his neighbors did not like him and his lease has also expired.

“The neighbors are constantly complaining about things that are not happening, so clearly they don’t like Keef because he is a rapper,” the rep told us. “Keef does not owe any outstanding rent and besides the lease has expired.”

Chief Keef has had a long rap sheet since breaking into hip-hop with a multimillion dollar record deal.

He was arrested in March in the same neighborhood for DIU just weeks after being released from rehab for marijuana.


  1. Way to go, alleged multimillionaire and still renting. When the 15 minutes are up, that will ensure you have nothing to show for it.

  2. If you have to rent a mansion as your main living space, you have already lost.

  3. Idiot hasn’t got one ounce of what they call common sense but a whole heap of damn fool though!