Buju Banton – Make It Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Waan meck duppy, mi waan meck millions
Waan push house, mi waan push gully vans
Let go the war now, let go babylon
Control Bigger Ford and Renito Addams

Gwaan be don, mi prefer be simpleton
Gwaan buss war mi love yo iffication
Act like dem tough and haffi tek program
Who wid mi meck mi hear unuh seh house and land

Waan be gyallis while a me and yo gyal a charm
Gwaan be freak while hardcore I stand
Shooting coke head, elevating ganja man
Messing up this thing from how long

Make it ghetto youths
Make it now
Make it work maybe someway, somehow
When you make it, never you fake it now
Cause if dem set a spell man a go brake it now

Make it suffera’s
Make it now
Make the poor be somewhere, somehow
When you make it, never you fake it now
If dem set a spell wi a go brake it now

(Verse 2)
Guns a come in a barrel like food
Never know the youths dem would a get on suh rude
Quick fi meck duppy, eat off yo food
Now man a check out life can improve
Like walking closet 100 pair a shoes
Berberry Cavelly suh till yo confuse
Waan meck it in a life, not the ex news
No have nothing good fi tell mi try move
Set a the oil every man a try prove
Sake a the killing nuff good youth get lose
Higher man a step, and a no drugs, and a no booths
Gimmi a dwelfill in a SEL fi gwaan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)