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Usain Bolt Stars In Visa World Cup Commercial [VIDEO]

Usain Bolt will not be leaving his Visa card when he goes to Brazil this month for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The world fastest man stars in the new Visa World Cup commercial. The sex-time Olympic champion started training on a grass track in Jamaica while pausing to go check on the game in a small bar.

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The sprint legend then hopped on a flight straight to Rio for the World Cup where he played soccer with locals in the streets and on the beach all while swiping his Visa card for various purchases.


  1. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    mi like dis commercial yah an im kno dress hup like a ooman like bifore in anneda commercial sho dat gat di whol’ ah jamaika people mad an mek eyebrows raise. aldoe mi kno tink im support di batty bisnis, mi tank gad im kno dweet. im nuh fi cyere wat odda people tink az lang az im doan support it an doan goe dat way. awright my islan people itz curphew time fah me rite kno tu gwaan guh bed suh likkle more an nex time.

  2. Rudebwoynaplaydat

    Sex time Olympic ?