Bounty Killer & Anarchie – Badman Party [New Music]

Bounty Killer serves up a new single “Badman Party,” featuring Anarchie, off the Scheme Up Riddim, produced by Got-It Records.

No long chatting mi come yah suh fi party
Anarchie mi chargie, Nukki a mi daddy
Wi bad long time but right now mi happy
Haffi get one a dem gyal weh just pass mi
Full a big woman deh weh look young fi 40
Hennessy a chase in a mi brain meck mi scorch hi
Mi roll wid the knocking in case the place fi get naughty
gangster no move softy softy

FULL: Bounty Killer & Anarchie – Badman Party Lyrics

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  1. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe


  2. the song bloodcloth bad alliance fi life badman party no gully pads r welcome no traitor no sellout no judas

  3. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    fi hall ah di yaadie deh pon dis site yah, unno need fi wuk pon yuh patois star. ah wah kine ah writing iz dat mon, mi cyaa bileeve dis an unno cum fram yaad. unno fake jah kno star, bare yankee ne**o deh pon dis site yah unno si mi. guh tek weh unno self an guh fly kite ar sumting, me betta fi mi patwah bicaz mi propa it an unno mus du di same ting. stap mek jamaika look bad bicaz fi unno writing in patwah iz terrable terrable terrable. mi kno hav nuh simpatise fi unno an smaddy need fi teach yuh like me. blouse an skirt me cyaa tek it nuh more an mi gaan.

    • Gloria Thompson


      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        mi hav tuh teach dem enuh, fi dem han writing iz badd an di way how dem mix hup mix hup di hinglish lanwig wid di patwah anna mek it look badd suh. rahtid an fahwud dat mon.

  4. So how me no see nobody a comment a say da song ya bad…. tru a me general? Lol any rubbish kartel sing unu run een tho. But I guess if unu no have nothing good fi say don’t say nothing at all.
    Da song ya undeniable so a straight ina me play list it a go

    • You general need to put a ring on it the way you a gwan.

      • Same thing me just say and see batty man appear from no where a talk bout some batty business. @pe5ff you could a comment pon the song enuh is a good song. But you bad mind and batty minded too

      • No man is my general, you just admit he is your hahahaha your cover blown.

      • Well me never say a me god or me king cause no man no rule me but musically and status industry wise killer a the 5 star general fi everybody yuzimi living legend, get awards fi it and such. So yes a me general but me no love man so keep your batty argument to you and your fish friend dem.

      • Only fish me link with is wrapped in foil wrap with crackers and seasoning. Your general ah fassy and you fassy too.

      • You clearly is a pickney if u no rate miss ivy last bwoy u never get fi witness the greatness, furthermore me no want hear bout you and you fish man dem with unu kinky foil wrap and crackers antics wa you do ina your bedrooma your business just don’t bring it round real man yuzimi

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        but gad iz yuh gineral star, memba jah cum fuss inna yuh lyfe

      • yow me link remeba killa did seh this from 99 battyman farward a stageshow fi stone we c one ya pe5ff real gully pad