Bounty Killer & Anarchie – Badman Party Lyrics

(Verse 1)
No long chatting mi come yah suh fi party
Anarchie mi chargie, Nukki a mi daddy
Wi bad long time but right now mi happy
Haffi get one a dem gyal weh just pass mi
Full a big woman deh weh look young fi 40
Hennessy a chase in a mi brain meck mi scorch hi
Mi roll wid the knocking in case the place fi get naughty
gangster no move softy softy
Bass a kick music full a clarity
Fi get a gyal tonight my main priority
Majority a dem gyal yah haffi get touch
And fi get one a dem mi no need no authority

Apparently a the vanity get Daritty
Shi love the hype like true man a celebrity
Nah use no badness a vulgarity
Yow wi dash weh money pon the gyal dem like a charity

Every night, wi party nuff
Hennessy a pure in a wi party cup
Gyal a bruk out and a party to
Some a dem drink, drunk, and cyaa get up

Tonight wi a party nuff
Hennessy a pure and the party cup
Gyal a bruk out and a party to
Haffi get a gyal and mi nah give up

(Verse 2)
Weed in a hand well roll out
Liquor pure out, party sold out
Yesterday mi head plat up, now it comb out
Different style, ever clean, one thing wi sure bout

The gyal dem seh wi neat every fold out a tek picture
Gyal a itch on paw wi tight like ten sticker
And wrapped round wi like dem a check temperature
Rev dem out like the great beemer
The bar shell quicker
When wi a ride crazy money a spend get a gyal
Tonight fi carry home one a dem
Gucci colon every gyal love the scent
Live mi life like a tomorrow the world a go end
Mi a mi own a leader, nah follow none a dem
Stick to mi link dem mi no waan no other friend
My money mi a spend mi no sponge paw people
Mi nah do that mi rather dead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)