Mr. Vegas Shot Back At I-Octane, Says He Should Close Sumfest

Mr. Vegas says I-Octane should close Reggae Sumfest this year again, but perhaps he was being sarcastic.

The “Bruk It Down” deejay famously chastised Reggae Sumfest and I-Octane last year when the “My Life” singjay was tapped to close Dancehall Night.

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This year Sumfest organizers approached I-Octane to close the show again but he turned it down. According Octane, Mr. Vegas should close the show since he is on the lineup this year.

But Vegas is saying I-Octane should close the show again and this is his argument.

“I think ‘The King’ of last year’s Dancehall Night should close this year again,” Mr. Vegas said. “When Beenie Man was King, he did it for years, back to back. My advice is, close it again brother, you put a lot of promotion and hard work into it last year, to show that a you a run the place.”

“I just closed Jamming Festival in Colombia last night, and I didn’t do a campaign and invite all the media houses to centre the whole festival around me,” Vegas added. “Everyone that performed, Turbulence, Anthony B, among others, played their part, it did not matter who closed. I have nothing to prove, I just give thanks that my blessings still a come down from God … artistes need to realise that if you do good music, yuh nuh haffi set torch inna venue. Any fire that blaze up too fast, out quick.”

Do you think Mr. Vegas and I-Octane should stop this bickering.


  1. Kiss me teeth and this is very petty of vegas can’t even bring my self to put the Mr in front.

  2. Don’t care tbh…

  3. Both man ah act like woman