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Shanice The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Neck Is Still Alive And Dancing [VIDEO]

Back from the dead.

Last week Urban Islandz broke a story that a girl broke her neck in a dancehall session. An anonymous source also told us that she died from her injuries.

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But reps for the girl in the viral photo reached out to Urban Islandz to let us know that she recovered from her injuries and is alive and still performing her acrobatic dances in dancehall sessions.

“Her name is Shanice and she is alive and well and still tearing up the dance floor,” the rep told us. “She is a bad dancer and you guys should give her some exposure on Urban Islandz so she can get a spot in a music video.”

The rep also directed us to a video posted last weekend on YouTube.


  1. jackie stephenson

    Dont hate on her when I was young I use to be flexible and a good dancer you only live once even though she a dance in a dirt she is very entertaining to watch.

  2. I guess it’s not a joke when di selecta dem a seh “Gwan bruk yu neck baby! wi buy it back a mawnin”. lol..glad she ain’t dead!

  3. Shanice look so damn stupid. With her ass dutty like what. She need a hairdo. That’s not acrobatic or dancing. It’s called trying too hard!

  4. She is a pretyy girl though..

  5. Gloria Thompson

    Why did they say she died? Also she’s taking chances dancing on her head. God help her. These young people need guidance.

    • The way she go on at the end you’d think she was doing ballet. She lucky she didn’t die but they acting like it can’t happen.

  6. one day that sh*t will happen, just wait on it.

  7. She nah do nothing to special.

  8. Bubble fi the “devil” so you must get hurt.