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Dancehall: Girl Break Neck And Die Performing Acrobatic Dance

Update: Sources connected to the girl in the photo told Urban Islandz this weekend that she did not died. The source also promise to send a video proving she is still dancing.

Urban Islandz will update you as soon as we have more details.


Dancehall has become a dangerous place to have fun for dancers.

An anonymous source sent Urban Islandz this photo of a girl that broke her neck and die at a street dance in Jamaica last weekend.

The source told us that the girl was performing an acrobatic dance on her head top on a speaker box and fell.

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“Everyone was shocked when she fell on her head,” the source told us. “A few guys went and lift her up and thats when they noticed her head fell all the way back. They should stop these crazy things they call dancing because people are getting hurt.”

Urban Islandz will update this story as soon as we get more info.


  1. Jesus saviour help uno

  2. No words…

  3. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    but i’m not an african-american ne**o to look like this guy right here

  4. “she did not died” :o what a typo!

  5. She’s still alive? Well good for her.Tell her to wear the same clothes like in the picture.

  6. The way you live is the way you die

  7. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    I serve no mankind here on this earth nor do I follow the laws, I represent the heavens and not the earth and my m@ster is g0d himself who has great super powers which mankind don’t have.

  8. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    but I can and get it for free too without paying for puzzy which you females like to sell it unfreeable.

  9. It was never that serious! Dancehall gets me pumped like any other West Indian but I’d never go that overboard smh

  10. Adwinde Hawkins

    Dis why oonu need God inna yuh life. Pure wickedness, jus ah one bag a foolishness!Dutty and stinkin, dem nah respect demself an den go ah cuss ah next mon talk bout respect. Rahtid!!

  11. suchafuknstoner

    Still can’t believe the conversations never change. Still the same ol ignorance, still the same ol self hate or hate. R.I.P. to the young lady, hopefully people will think twice before doing these dances now. I never seen them as dances, just a bunch of people acting stupid and drunk. May God bless her family.

  12. Nobody told her to go untop of a speaker box sum a dem too extra wid everything n waa fi always ina the lime light

    • wow you sound so cold.Remember when your parents told you not to do something and you did it anyway and something bad happened ? What did they tell you? “Didn’t I warn you not to do it?” Remember how you felt afterwards? Like it was a big slap in the face.

  13. speechless

  14. YuNg Fiddy Fiddy

    Crazy damn


    Jdf Jamaica Defense Force military Camp is full of Lesbian and bisexual female soldiers f—ng
    Officials at the MP Company, Chief of Defense Staff And High rank Jdf officials at the headquarters of Jdf.
    Which I believe is ilegal for such an unethical behavior in the army and to be gay as well.
    Example: JVA


    Must be in Gaza.. Wow Jamaican women, girls, chick’s, lesbian, bisexual needs to get a life and stop giving away free puss

    • You right we should start charging. (rolls eyes) Women have been selling and giving away p*sy for years its supply and demand. Get over it! You seem like the kind of the Guy who have pay to get it.

  17. Please censor the picture above with the girl legs spread with her p***y hanging out.

  18. Karibbeanking4lyfe

    not black people but AFRICAN AMERICANS in america because I saw the darkness in them with their racial ways towards my island people. afro-americans don’t represent all blacks in the world. I am a protector to my island people and not ne**o’s of america because those are not our island people.

  19. Why does this looks like this girl that i’ave seen her names shanice, I’m not saying it’s her but she looks like her.

  20. That story id fake. .kmt.

  21. talklessthinkmore

    Some of you are born ignorant and will die ignorant.. Some of you have the attention span of a flea. This post is not about race. Not about American blacks, Island blacks, African blacks, none of that. It`s about a child that won`t be going home ,it`s about a mother that`s going to throw herself over a coffin and beg God to bring her child back(obviously some of you don`t have children). Focus people and try to stay on topic.

    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      but when you are in america like me living there now it’s about southern ne**o’s versus the island people (not referring to the up north decent black americans) so yes there’s a race war going on.

  22. @disqus_Kql1oXF26i:disqus you are really fu**ing bitter against black people but yet you say you are a protector, i wonder what you are protecting

  23. Derek Mullings

    I agree Yardie, I don’t know what kind of acrobatics the kids are coming off with these days.

  24. More positive music & role models is what will make things different. Parents start being parents & take control of ur children. No village nah help nobody raise dem child again.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Used to be that way in JA neighbors used to be like parents when parents weren’t around…JA parents need to be mothers and fathers to their children guide them school them and give them lots of LOVE…RIP my dear girl

  25. Put God first in everything you do.

  26. is that the shanice girl that alway at pds friday ?

  27. all of dis pu**y gone to waste thats all i can say me surprise more no dead to di amount a fu**ry dem do and call it dancing

    • What about her family and friends… you treating her like a piece of meat.

    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      hey at least she wasn’t hoeing like these ne**o chicks in america where they m33t strangers on facebook for money only and turn up missing and dead before they get r@ped off.

      • Karibbean you are misguided about American girls. We don’t meet strangers on Facebook for sex n money. And at least we not dancing half naked doing lude dances as if having sex in public in front of strangers. Dance hall girls might as well be having sex at the club as nasty as dem look

      • No American girls are doing something better.They out their having babies and leaving them with their parents.These American girls are so delusionsal.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        yeah and they are having different babies by different street thugs being stuck on the welfare systems begging for the white man handouts.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        I am not referring to my island people when i’m attacking african american ne**o females only and yes they [the ne**o chicks] do m33t strangers for money to have s3x with

      • At last we Caribbean girls ain’t doing porn.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        african american females do a lot of p0rns in america with the white man more than the black american men because they self hate one another

      • I’m probably not the person you want on your side as my bf is white Roflmao.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        if you are a up north black american then that’s different because I don’t like southern african american’s cause those people are the racists ones. I also have white friends too

      • Omg I agree with you the ones in the South are the worst ones. I used to live in NYC for like 10 years I just moved here in the South. I find these blacks to be the most superficial, ignorant blacks I’ve ever met. They want to b#tch about being racially profiled but yet they buy these Crown Vics with oversize rims and then b**h about being pulled over.
        Then they try to convince me that we are from the same tree. I had one dumb b#tch tell me that my ‘accent’ was ebonics. Never in my life did I ever heard that fuqery. You know whenever I talk people know that I’m Caribbean. I spend alot of time around different kinds of people living in NYC. I come here and some dumb b#tch said how my ‘accent’ is ebonics.

      • Yeah I have no problem with the black Americans up north the ones in the south that’s another story.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        that’s right because it was the southern ne**o’s of america who mistreated my caribbeans and the west indies people bad back in the 1980’s when they didn’t want us on their m@sters land and still don’t till this very day. the up north black people are very kool people.

      • These black Americans (south) talk about how Africans are dirty and how they carry babies on their backs while braiding their hair. Of course while they exude a high level of superiority. Then they want to try to convince me that I should join them in their hatred for white people.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        huh i’m glad to see someone here is agreeing with me but we are on the wrong site when i’m the star on b0ssip site which i will be on there first thing in the morning to diss them off with my INFAMOUS WORDS. yeah man those southern ne**o’s wanna beg for your friendship complaining about the white man this and that but stab you in the back talking bad about the island people at the same time. that’s why i segregate myself from them when they see me in the streets saying “WHAT’S UP” to me but i ignore them.

      • I think you are on the right site. This is mainly a Caribbean site. This dumb ignorant black American (south) I used to work with went to JA and came back and said how he glad he’s American. He was acting like he was superior. I told him that I was proud to be Caribbean. Usually when you see people who have it worse than you it humbles you. Not this frigging idiot.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        but of course the yankee ne**o’s would say that they are an american which they are not because they are a drop off sl@ves and white people in america only sees them as a 3rd class citizens and that’s why the white man are killing them off or tossing them in the jail systems on purpose for 25 years then wanna apologize to them and say how it was a mistake by giving them a handshake and a hug and the stupid ne**o’s accepted it. they are not real american because the white man invade america and they didn’t but were sl@ves on the cotton fields plus they don’t even have a culture for themselves yet riding off the backs of the white man in america calling themselves an all america waving the white man flag, singing their national anthem song and celebrate the white man 4th of july independence day but have the nerve to say i’m a african not even embracing the african culture but the white man american culture only. ne**o’s of america make me laugh and when you tell them the truth that’s when they wanna fight you.

      • Black women in general are losing, slackness is getting out of hand, no matter where you come from. My 24 years on this earth I’ve seen enough f__kery from both parties.

        All blacks are racist to some extent, hence the bleaching and wanting to look lighter than the other. The way you speak, all plays a part in superiority. I use to look at everyone funny during my teen years, but character comes before all that.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        well true and if one rather serve money than g0d, then there’s no hope for them but pr0stitution, diseases then death because the wages of sin is death.

      • People need to stop attributing money to evil. Evil comes from within and money is a tool used to create a stable eco-system, that has been around long before us. I been neighbors with prostitutes before, I wasn’t shocked or anything. It was all about survival.. we each walk a different path. Their retribution won’t be coming from neither of us, but I can’t assume it will be negative because we all have done our share of wrong.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        well yeah but i’m a guy who don’t sell his manhood to females like 99% of females who likes to sell their puzzies to men because it’s not for free and if you are a broke man then no poom poom for the guys. i can’t speak for the females because i am not one and men are different because they hustle drugs.

      • I don’t agree. I find the black American men to be to rough with the girls. They treat the girls like pieces of meat and disposal objects. Any Caribbean men in porn?lol

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        they are suppose to be rough with their ne**o chicks because they are considered loud and rude to the men in the public eyes of america and they love playing the role of a man because they wanna be one with their baldheads. as far as a piece of meat when it comes to them, aren’t they hoes anyway charging their rosa parks puzzies to men for money.

      • Are you that desperate für attention? I suppose so you idiot…

      • I’m actually a well adjusted adult. My parents gave me all the attention I would ever need. I’m a bit of a loner so I receive all the fulfillment I need within myself.I don’t need to be apart of any group to be validated.I live my life with purpose. When I speak it’s usually based on experience. I’m not sitting at home judging a group of people based on pictures and or videos.

        I live among them so I’m talking from real world experience. Time and time again these’ black Americans’ come to this site and judge us on what they consider to be poor use of the English language. They don’t understand that this is our dialect etc. They don’t understand our culture. Then they try to force their hatred for ‘white people’ down our throats. Meanwhile they try to groom and condition themselves to be like them(white people) to appease to them.They realized that ‘white people’ have found a system that works.

        They say we need to do this, this,and that to become as superior as these white people. Their whole existence revolve around their hatred for ‘white people’.Then they try to say how we must stay within our culture etc. What cause am I furthering by dating a black Man? Whether he’s African, Caribbean, American etc. Who gives a a flying phck? Why can’t I just meet some dude and be happy.

        How am I supposed to join this ‘movement’ when there’s plenty holes within our community? Blacks only claim blacks when they’re making positive strides and or money.
        I don’t need to resort to calling people names to give credence to my claims. :)

        I know at the end of the day if you take a black American, a black Caribbean , a black African male and you drop them off in Mississippi or Alabama etc.Put them all in suits to the average racist ‘white person’ they won’t be able to tell the difference. It wouldn’t even matter how much of a good grasp either of them have of the English language.
        The difference is I’m not worrying about it. I don’t let it consume me.So call me naive call me an idiot I don’t care.:)

        If you think there’s a big divide among blacks from different countries. Go ask a ‘European’person if they consider themselves to be the same as the ‘white Americans’ see what they say.

      • STFU you’re making no sense…… Do you know every black Americans!?!NO!!!you had a bad experience so what!?!everyone have their problems doesn’t matter the colour of their skin stop making stupid excuses … You’re a hypocrite …. You like one sets of blacks and hate on the other….

      • When I use to live up North I never physically and mentality segregated myself. I don’t give a phuck if someone is gay, lesbian, alien, zombie,Muslim, white etc. I never cared living on the Islands. I never cared living in America.What I’m saying to you is that these Southern blacks mentally and physically segregate themselves. They think any and everything has racial implications.

        I’m saying that I dislike the Southern Black Americans. Hate is a strong word. I don’t have a complex. I don’t bleach my skin. I don’t date white dudes European and or white Americans because I want mixed race kids etc.My boyfriend is white and I don’t think the sh8t is that faqing serious. When I date black dudes Africans, Northern Black Americans, Caribbeans I don’t give a flying phuck what color his skin is.

      • I draw the line when I hear someone talk about Caribbean and or African people.

        So if I’m sitting at Starbucks and I over hear a white American person simply mentioning the word ‘black’ it doesn’t send me from 0 to 100.

        I’m done talking to you because all your responses have been short and brief.

        You could say whatever you want but I know for a fact the Southern black Americans are very hypersensitive to any talks about race.;)

        Then there’s me not giving 3 faqing shytzz!

      • A lie rudejam

      • LOL! You’re an idiot!

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        but i’m telling the truth about african american females and their ways in america

    • You should be blaming yourself for her death. All the while you’re fight against homosexuality…you even want to murder man, and cast them into the fire, yet you allow your women to act in such a disgusting disgraceful manner.
      They’re dancing half naked mimicking porn stars, and strippers. And there you are promoting this practice by throwing money at them essentially turning them into prostitutes. A waste? Yeah! Not of P U S S Y, but of a human life!

    • Gloria Thompson

      Your comment is so cold and disrespectful

  28. At Least she died doing what she loved.

    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      in a sinful way but now she has to face g0d and no heaven for her, remember g0d records everything and will show you on judgment day

      • What makes you so sure your judgement won’t be on the same level as hers.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        huh, lets just say i’m different

      • No sin is greater than the next so no man can judge the next . ugh you people sicken me like you are that much different. He with out sin can cast the first stone so don’t sit up here and act like your sinless no one is better than the next. What the heck makes you so different. Please have several seats

      • Who people?

      • Cuz u white wit that flag you got posting? su* ur mother

      • Unless you’re breathing some other air.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        huh, I’m breathing the same air as you but in america

      • how different? are you trying to say your God? are you saying you are a angel of the creator? I think you are a very disturb person with internet connection and too much time on your hand

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        didn’t say I was g0d now did I?

      • U judging like you think so

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        because I got the powers to do so and the truth too

      • I agree with you

      • Toocute Well Bless Ford

        Karibbeanking4lyfe if thats your name i hope u are perfect and u wont be judge trust me god forgives u sound dum to me but remember when u dig a grave dig two allways remember that

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        that is my name and didn’t say I was perfect but I will dig two graves for me and my teacher (CARIBBEAN IN THE HOUSE) and besides the world gonna destroy soon anyway and if I die now and you live then the world is gonna blow up with you being still alive

  29. sad nevertheless

    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      and a horrible way to die but most ne**o chicks of america die at the strip club swinging on p0les and slip off.

      • More idiotic talk from the village idiot! LOL!

        The number one killer of Black women in America is not the stripper pole like you claim, it’s something a wee bit more serious like heart disease.
        Reading is fundamental!

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        I guess you don’t know who I am do you? and to challenge thee is one big mistake so I will let it go this time. ne**o chicks of america number one biggest problem is r@pe turning up missing to later find out that they are dead

      • No. I don’t know who ur dumbass is with that confederate flag

      • Roflmao

      • And I challenge ur ignorant a$$ to anything. C’mon. Name it b!*ch

      • And I challenge you to anything. Except sukkin ur mother. You got that..

      • well said and he/she/it deserved that

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        you won’t win and someone below you is about to leave you a comment too right about now so let’s see who it is?

      • Win wha? Ain’t nobody beneath me

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        oh yes sum wan iz beneath yuh while yuh deh pon tap an itz ah battie mon

      • Da fuq. What you think you gonna win!??! Mutha%%$#@ yo got nothing other than being a fuqing troll. Glad u got WiFi under da bridge. Talk about self hate, antiman..

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        my war is not with my island people but with racists self hating african american/ne**o’s in america, you were the one that challenged the sire and the king doesn’t back down

      • Yeah I challenged you. You still ain’t said was u goon win with me. YOU da wan who called me batty man. YOU da one painting a broad brush. Done wit u. Hope to meet you in person someday. Then we see wa gwan… Be good.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        you must be a fool to think you can actually take me on bare handed with your amateur fighting skills against my martial arts skill, the only way you gonna defeat me is when you shoot me dead but not by your bare hand you can’t test me and box me up on one to one fight lol.

      • You da fool. U don know me one bit. I box u so bad u be crying to get back up ur muddaskunt. Done wit until we meet in person.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        regular boxing can’t beat no martial art stupid especially wing chun kung fu, I bet your dumb @ss don’t know what that is do you and if you wanna what that is go google it because it’s a form “YIP MAN” study who taught bruce lee known as his teacher, I praticed everyday with my wing chung wooden dummy (google that also) making my skills good for years and kicks and you think boxing can defeat that?. I use walls as a punching bag while I kick with the punching bag because when you punch a bag you feel no power but if you wrap a rag around your fists and use it as a boxing gloves then you will feel the power when you punch the walls very hard and that I practice everyday. I made yankee boys in america cry when they try to test me with there weak one two punch. I’m into kung fu more than more than useless karate and I trained myself everyday and you think you can beat me with a simple boxing move when martial arts have over a hundreads move and style. what an idiot you are and I suggest you to go to a dojo or a kungfu class and challenge the students before you can beat the m@ster and tell me how your boxing skills is and did you win the fights, lol dumb @ss

      • The trained boxer has the advantage more so because of his experience than his craft. Boxers are also used to taking hits to the head and martial arts fighters typically don’t spar at the level of boxers. Throw Mike Tyson (in his prime) into the ring with any WC fighter of any era and the latter is gonna knocked out, sorry.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        really man really, mike tyson fights in the ring not in the streets where there is no rules idiot, boxers don’t get trained to get hit in the head stupid because they dodge punches and if they get hit they get knocked out you dumb idiot as if a person supposed to stand their and get hit in the face hard and it didn’t effect him and then he throws a punch after that. mike tyson in his prime would have gotten his @ss kick if he came across a real martial artists such as japanese karate and shaolin kung fu you dumb idiot again.

      • Dudes just a dutty Troll.

      • Kimone Sweetie Haye

        I would really like to see who are you to be using the “N” word

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        it’s not me that likes to use it but it’s the ne**o’s of america who likes to use the usage of the n-word to greet each others and in their rap songs so they are entitle to that name trying to abolish it by saying it a lot in front of white people but it’s not working

      • Kimone Sweetie Haye

        God don’t like ugly

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        tell that to the n@ked female who killed herself trying to do skin hout stuff to impress guys but not g0d by being a Christian woman

      • It is you who have made a grave mistake. I know exactly who you are. I’ve seen your type in many an internet forum before. It is you who are a distinct disadvantage here, as you have no idea who I am!

        Let’s get your avatar out of the way since it gives pretty good clues about your true identity. Your utilization of the Stars & Bars, the hooded Klansman, and a rope are the historically racist props employed by poor white Southern trash such as yourself to intimidate us Blacks. Are you with me so far? Good!

        Next thing is your syntax…poor white Southern trailer trash can’t escape their upbringing/roots. You were born white and ignorant, and most likely will die white and ignorant. Here is but a sampling of that syntax:

        -in america yankee ne**o chicks are the worst,
        -she wasn’t hoeing like these ne**o chicks in america,
        -they are suppose to be rough with their ne**o chicks,
        -I don’t like southern african american’s,
        -that’s why i segregate myself from them,
        -the stupid ne**o’s accepted it,
        -they don’t even have a culture for themselves yet riding off the backs of the white man in america,
        -ne**o’s of america make me laugh,
        -huh, lets just say i’m different,
        -most ne**o chicks of america die at the strip club swinging on p0les,
        -attacking the ne**o’s of america with my INFAMOUS WORDS.

        So, yeah! I know you very well. I’ve seen your face! You are my enemy!

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        well I’m glad to know that you know who I am but not many people on this site knows me on “B0SSIP” site, thanks for my introductions too and I will always love my island people and will defend them from the racists afro-american yankee ne**o’s of america.

        PS. one love

      • Which island you claiming?

      • I’m betting he comes from Dauphin Island, Alabama!

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        it doesn’t matter

      • Da fuq it doesn’t. I think only island you repping be Rikers. You think all the west indies the same? You even more ignorant than I thought

      • You fool. You are nothing more than an agent provocateur of the European variety. One thing about us “ne**o’s” (sic) of the African Diaspora, we easily recognize poor white Southern trailer park trash.
        Take your mother’s bed sheets, rope and flag back to Alabama. Don’t let the Sun set on your A S S in this region of cyberspace, boy.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        say what you wanna say but I stand correct about racists southern ne**o’s of america and not the up north black ones who I respect

      • You know how many carribean people live ATL!?!. But they in south so Now they ignorant? Stfu

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        but I am from the NEW YORK AREAS and not the south

      • U don’t get it. U say you defending carribean people, but lots o dem in the south. And u saying blacks in the south bad so pick one. Ignorant as fuq. So what you got to say bout blacks in the west?

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        my target is born afro-americans only and no other black race, I am referring to the ne**o’s who got that southern accent and got their @sses kicked by the klans back then.

      • negroamericanfemale

        As an American female, ne**o as you call us. I wonder why you go so hard to defend the island people when it the island people who kill themselves more so than Americans. Certain parts of Kingston are off limits to tourist because of the crime. And considering massive amount of island people come to American and try very hard to be Americans and act like us “ne**os” how can you defend them. You have no clue what African- Americans have had to endure and still endure today, but you seem to act like to do. As a multiracial woman who on her fathers side is third generation freed slave I am reading your comments with disgust. The things killing black women today is HIV (from down low men), breast cancer, and heart disease. You obviously are not doing much reading, but more commenting. This young lady is not American, she is from an island and most people dancing that way are from an island or claim to have island descent. So please keep your racist comments to yourself, because they offend real African-Americans who have had to watch their senior suffer in a country that caters to immigrants before people who were born and raised here.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Well excuse me but I been here a very long time, and I am from the island and bi-racial and never once acted like I was American. Also people from the island don’t come here for handouts we are very hard workers.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Also African Americans do pole and lap dancing. And so u know I have American born kids. Crime is not only in Jamaica where I was born it’s all over the WORLD girl.

      • Gloria Thompson

        U can tell u r a HATER…u hate Caribbean people period. In your head we come here taking your riches…We come here and work I for one NEVER been on WELFARE. And help three kids with college. Ivy League, number Two Liberal Arts, and State college PA. HATER

      • Gloria Thompson

        So it kills u we think our islands are beautiful, but don’t want to go back. As for me I would love to go back for the beauty and beaches but my kids don’t want me to. U also hate the fact we take your jobs. Maybe because we are more qualified for the positions, ever think about that. And body language and your appearance says a lot too. Not Hating Just Saying…

      • Well said Gloria;)

      • Gloria Thompson

        Had to girl…

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        but what about the klans areas from the south, can a ne**o go over there and walk freely huh? hell no because they will get lynched. america is the worst place for violent crimes and did you forget what happened 400 years ago in america and what about the 50’s racial killing days on black americans. nobody is trying to be like “AFRICAN AMERICANS” when my island people come to america because african american is a made up name jesse jackson gave unto you people since 1988 or 89 and that’s not even a culture. you ne**o’s have no culture in america but are riding off the backs of the white man calling yourselves an all american when we all know you people were a drop off sl@ves stuck in america

      • If I may interject…One luv u bumbo claat..dat flag u reppin don’t support dat..

      • Nice

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        so but I love the flag because that represent my powers and give me strength like the sun to superman

      • OK cracker crack head. You done. I done with you. You remind of that chapelle skit with the kkk. You sir are a joke and I will not respond to unless in person. Which I pray for

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        like I said before, no one can beat me INFAMOUS WORDS so that’s why people give up and don’t wanna talk to me anymore and anone who runs off the siteand can’t handle me is a loser. that’s right run off the site because you are no match for me COWARD.

      • …oh really??…crackhead!!

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        yeah really and flattery will get you everwhere because no insults can’t hurt thee.

      • Gloria Thompson


      • Well said

      • Well said sir bless up

      • HM Stinkmeaner

        This fool is just some illiterate idiot giving islanders a bad name he just sits around flaming and hating and talking sh*t on different websites.

        Don’t encourage stupidity by engaging him no matter how fun it is watching him make a clown of himself.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        my truthful words shal prevail in the ears of my listeners and I won’t stop until I destroy the ne**o’s with my INFAMOUS WORDS. they have been dissing off my island people since the ip’s and are still doing it so my truth about them will reach out to the world. I will always love my island people until death because I respect them and that’s the truth. afro-americans I don’t like nor respect them because they self hate each others and other black cultures who comes to america to resides.

      • You the only one talking bad about west Indians. Stupid…

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        what the hell are you talking about man?, I was targetting the african americans in america

      • Now you change it up… You ain’t one?

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        ain’t one what?, I don’t get what you are saying here

      • For a so called “Christian” you are awfully judgmental and sound ignorant. I was born and raised in the carribean too, but during my years in the US, I’ve met all type of people (black women who were born in the US included), and not “most” of them are not even close to your description… So stop being judgmental and give these people a chance. If that’s all you know in the little neighborhood where you live, then go around, in the different part of the country. Visit the schools, hospitals, military base and so on… You’ll be surprise.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        I am not a christain and I don’t judge but speak the truth, the black americans you met are the up north good ones and the racial/racists ones me and a lot of island people experienced was the southern ne**o’s of america. I met all and still lives in america while you don’t and I do travel from america back to my island so what are you talking about?. america is a racists country amongst the african americans and not white people because ne**o’s of america are the new racists klans.

      • Chántel Francis

        Lmaaaao, omg. That was so retarded but that has to be the funniest thing I’ve read so far.

      • STFU Pu–y.

  30. The picture with the dead girl did not happen last weekend. This happened months ago. Urban islands you need to make sure you check your sources please

    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      but it’s still sad to see her dead like that with her eyes open half n@ked

    • It doesn’t matter this foolishness need the stop and focus on more positive things in life but to each culture. Them mad bad, rip to the young lady:(

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        you are saying R.I.P. to her but g0d is not gonna see it that way with her on judgment day right about now for her and if this happened a long time ago then she I already in hell and g0d already judge her. she should’ve been home reading the bible instead of trying to “SKIN HOUT” at parties

        PS. to all my caribbeans and west indies, now it’s that time for me to go to bed and you can find me on my site “WWW.B0SSIP.COM” tomorrow morning attacking the ne**o’s of america with my INFAMOUS WORDS. visit that site to find me and goodnight

      • Roflmao

      • that’s a bit harsh remember we are all humans we all do stupid things at one point in our life. it may not be on our heads in a dance but something that is not pleasing to God. so do and say unto others as you would want them to do and say to you.
        and {Karibbeanking4lyfe} I thank God that you are not God.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        females like to do hoe things to attract men and if they die in that state and haven’t changed their ways and turn Christian and serve g0d, then they are not gonna go to heaven being a $lut

      • Christian bomfl

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe has a valid point. I think we all take for granted the life in which God has given us. We make stupid mistakes but we don’t know the purpose that we have been given therefore we fail to consider the eternal until things like this happens and its to late to correct our mistakes. Take time out for once in your life and get to know God on a personal level. Don’t waste your life on ignorance. That is what happen to this girl.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        but I am a man and don’t do what females do, if you are referring to me as getting gunned down in the streets because I like to fight then yes but don’t compare me to no g!rl. I will continue to tell the truth about afro-american/ne**o’s of america (not referring to the island female death) and their racists ways towards my island people and I will not stop because I don’t like them

      • Kimone you are right, the last thing she said could have been Lord save me, The bible says “call on the name of The Lord and be save”but we don’t know, so we can only assume! I am a Jamaican, and I believe those outrageous practices people are now calling dance need to stop! It is not only dangerous, but also degrading to women. I used to go to the club, or a dance and wine and tick tack! Lol, what happened to those days? I am glad I am now living for The Lord! Never the less, RIP young girl!

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        den bi bless mi sista an falla di lawd an nat bi like dem gyal ah falla falla fashion

      • I am not Jamaican but my husband is, as well as my daughter, as well as all my close friends, it’s offensive to say you don’t like American ne**o’s
        I love my Jamaican husband, daughter and my friends. There is ignorant people in every race and culture don’t base your feelings on one particular incident that happened to you or an assumption. Your greatest blessing can possibly come from that negative source you claim you don’t like.
        Be Blessed
        With much respect

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        I have some good afro-american friends from the up north but I don’t like the southern racists ones and if you are an afro-american married to an islander then your marriage isn’t gonna last because you ne**o chicks don’t last and like to screw things up

      • My marriage is wonderful, till death us do part, meanwhile may God have mercy on your soul!!! You need some serious help. SMH….

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        yeah right afro-american female because in america marriages don’t last long with “YOU PEOPLE” and you have to run to other cultures and races to get support and stick with them. if you ne**o’s of america can’t unite and build up your african american culture, what make you soo sure that your marriage with an island man gonna last? I guarantee you that you not gonna be with him at the age of 85 like island marriages do before your partner dies

      • Dude yo no easy Roflmao

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        nuh muss star, mi haffi tell di chrute bout di yankee ne**o’s dem

      • Gloria Thompson

        So true…

      • Wow

      • Kimone Sweetie Haye

        You don’t know if she is in hell your not God you don’t know if on her way down God was the last name she call on the bible talk about false prophets and all so said judge not and let not thy self be judged it’s not your place to speak judgment on anyone that’s God’s job and not everyone who said God in our face will see him on judgements day

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        she is not in heaven and if you die in your sin [which she did], you are not going to heaven doing no skin hout n@stiness at a party

      • Wow u have sentenced her to hell also wtf wrong wit u white ass Ni—-s

      • Wow rest in peace child ! Who am I or u to judge another Rip ruff way to go !!!

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        I didn’t send no one to hell, she send herself to hell by g0d

      • Tavy Neil-Mclennon

        if she died in her sin (which is obvious)

        then he DOES (and we all do) know where she is….we dnt need to be God to know if you die in your sins you are doomed!

      • You must be chilling with god right now or something? Or are you predicting? I’m going to need you to read the bible sweetie! If your still on this earth them judgement had not approached, therefore how could she be in hell already? STFU

      • southamericandutches

        all of this is too much back and forth stuff a young lady died and she died in a act that was not as pleasing …to ach their own but I don’t need to know the Bible to understand that that is not the best way to go.and if you guys are really trying to make a impersion on us younger people that are reading this try to stay positive nevertheless we are trying to for come tragedy like this from happening again…if you are questioning yourself in a act, ask yourself if you were to die at that moment if it would be a honorable death to you!!!! and if you are pleased with it then so be it let bygones be bygones for whom am I to judge for I shall be judged myself

      • Aye Jesus told the desciples he would return within their generation before they the desciples died they been dead if he was coming he been came READ UR DAMN BIBLE AND STOP SPECULATING

      • I hate to hear black people talking bout judgement wake up these cra**ers been judging u ur whole life u die and get judged to huh but we afro american ne**os naw u a dumb ni**er worshipping white gods hollering jah gtfoh

  31. SMH they call these crazyness dancing. what happened to going to a dance a get a wine? now people jumping off trees and zinc fense WTF.


    • Karibbeanking4lyfe

      yeah mon bicaz wan use tu tek hout dem buddy an whine pon di gyal inna di dark cawna bac den an di mon dem cyaa duh dat nuh more, jah kno star mi miss dem dayz

      • What language you speaking…that entire paragraph is incomprehensible.

      • Karibbeanking4lyfe

        you know nothing of that language and you must be an afro-american/ne**o are something.

      • No one but another Jamaican (perhaps) would understand that – you are speaking English essentially and writing in slang – the aim is to communicate – don’t become even more ignorant because you are being called out on it. Calling people ne**o as well?? WTF is wrong with you?

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        ne**o’s are afro-americans in america and no islander nor the real africans from africa in the 3rd world countries don’t get called out by that ne**o name nor is it in the bible so what are you talking about huh

      • What does afro mean? im not American. nor am I a ne**o…

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        but i am not a ne**o too [but the black american’s will call you that and say we are alike] and tell me where in the bible g0d gave black people that name. afro is a name the black american’s made up for a high puffy hairstyle and they put that with the name american to call their culture “AFRO-AMERICAN” which was their very first name until they changed it and rename their culture “AFRICAN-AMERICAN”, they fail to realize that is not even a culture but a name jesse jackson made up for them since 1988 or 89 because jesse jackson speaks for all ne**o’s of america.

      • They group us all together in the US whether you like it or not… even islanders.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        white americans are not that stupid to group all black culture the same all because of skin color, it’s dumb ne**o’s of america who are grouping all black cultures together so we can be a african/american’s just like them. the ne**o’s wanna fit in with different cultures because they don’t have one themselves and feel left out cause other cultures don’t wanna talk to them and are segregating themselves from the stereo typical afro-americans who likes to embarrass themselves on the white man tv morning shows. i don’t see the white people call the native indian the n-word before in america nor do they group up afro-americans along with the indians, heck where was the native indians when dr.king and malcolm x was around and in the 50’s when the police was beating up the ne**o’s, hosing them down with water and let loose the german shepherd police d0gs attacking the ne**o’s? where was the native indians when roots the movie was on tv and in real life because i see not one indian in the roots tv show. did the native indians picked cottons too…….HELL NO.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        so if the real africans from africa, spanish people, chinese people and god bible which mankind rewrote it in english is that slang stupid?

      • You pull your di*k out for a wine in a club. Lawd you can’t get pu**y any other way nasty as.