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Tommy Lee Protege Tattoo 666 On His Forehead

The guy in this picture says he is Tommy Lee Sparta protege.

Once upon a time in reggae land devil worshipers in dancehall use to be condemn by some of the most passionate fans of any genre of music. But these days they are welcomed with open arms, at least by a sub segment of dancehall called the Gaza/Spartans.

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An aspiring dancehall artist who goes by the name Lee 2 Sparta shared this photo on Twitter showing himself with a giant 666 tattoo on his forehead.

Tommy Lee Sparta 666

This is what he wrote:

“My name is Lee 2 Sparta. I am a Sparta. I come from Mobay. Big up to the Sparta King Tommy Lee. Big up the whole Mobay we dont Fear people noday. You see my face tattoo, i got that because im a Sparta for life. I dont give a dam about anybody.”

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Tommy Lee Face Tattoo

Tommy Lee Scorpion Face Tattoo

Tommy Lee tattoo pic

Tommy Lee Sparta 666


  1. Lol hes definitely lacking intelligence. I dont care about nobody, thats his defence for looking like an idiot?

  2. I don`t care about this idiot don`t know him or his idiot music.

  3. This can’t be life – Jamaicans lost…

  4. I’m waiting for the next new artist to tattoo a big X in the middle of his face then and only then will I be impressed. 🙂

  5. “They have the mark of the beast…” – Hugh Mundell
    WOW… Dude is finished. He just marked himself out.

  6. Oooh kid got the tattoo, big fn deal, stop the press!
    Smh…he can laser em off same way he got em, anytime he wants.
    Movin on..

    Shouldnt ya be covering Kartel juror trial? Pretty interesting day yesterday, but i guess u can always update next week rite?

  7. o_akinwumi@yahoo.com

    No wonder dancehall dont sell internationally anymore…Beenie Man is gone…Sean Paul faded out…I wish the days of Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Mad Cobra and Super cat could come back…Not these bunch of hood rats representing Jamaica lately.

  8. Not educated. That is why he does not understand the limitations in life by getting any form of tat on the face.

    • Theres plenty of very succesful buisnessman and entertainers with tattoos everywhere, what limits r u talkn about? Might not get you useless job at the office but it sure didnt stop lil wayne from being on top of the world

      • How many of them have facial tattoos?

      • I said plenty, cant you read?
        Who still even pays attention at tattoos!?
        Jamaica needs to get out of that dark age mentality.

      • I’m not talking about rappers that then become business men etc. I live in America and if I go to the Gynecologist and the dude that is telling me to spread my legs has some dumb facial tattoo. I’m going to ask to see someone else. I don’t have a problem with body modification as long as it isn’t that visible.

      • Is tommy lee GY now ?
        How does any of what you say apply to him and his artsit?
        You go to whoever u want, ur limits r urs, respect others choices too.

      • I’m talking beyond music.Nothing last forever.What happens when the music thing ends? What happen when Lil Wayne decides to travel to a country where he isn’t known? I can’t imagine lazering off a face tattoo

      • Dwl are u fn serious !?
        Yea,he better get everything lasered off rite now in case one day he goes to albania n someone might not recognize his bzillion dollar face.
        Excellent point,shine on.

      • What fuqing ever! You acting like everybody listens to rap music.

      • Ross Margarette

        If I was you I stop talking because forcemajeure is going to eat you up

      • You see me giving a shyt? I’m thinking long term. But as long as they making money who cares right.whatever

      • I doubt that, Ross. That gurl forcemajeure is as dumb as a sun-dried brick of chit sitting under a torrential downfall! Not only is she stupid as stupid gets, but she’s also feels content to be doomed to poverty.

      • Damn Zig I didn’t see this. lol I was done after she flew down my throat.

      • She is a dumb a$$ brick wall piece of ghetto piece of crap. Against education and in her perfect world there are only artists and business owners. Also Ross is on her side totally…

      • You know how many people in NYC was trying to do the singing, acting, modeling etc. How many of them made it? Some of them couldn’t take no for an answer but whatever. She know better than me. It’s funny how easily impressed these dudes are by these ignorant chicks.

      • That’s my word now too, don’t argue…WHATEVER

      • Wonder if ziggy saw us sizing him up as yet…LOL

      • I don’t think so . *sighs* The comments aren’t listed in order. You have to scroll up and down. lol

      • Can’t wait for his response….

      • I’m still dying to know what he looks like. lol I don’t think he’ll ever reveal himself though. *sighs*

      • I think he might tell us something, if he see our posts. Lol

      • What’s taking him so long…

      • I have a better idea. Let’s clone him . you take one and I take the other. Lol Let his gurl keep the original. 😉

      • Awwwww! You girls are so sweet.

      • If you really wan know what we said go check out the ‘suicide’ page roflmao

      • Will do.

      • No, I won’t. I could say that I’m the same height, weight, and body type as Shemar Moore…that’s who they say I look like.
        Meh…I think he looks like me! I don’t look like him!

      • Dam he’s fine, he dated two of my favorite ladies. Toni Braxton, and the gorgeous Halle Berry…he said he really had it for Halle. He is one fine Hunk of Man…

      • He’s also bi-racial like Halle. I am also bi-racial.

      • I’m not into Mr.Moore. I’ve seen Tyson Beckford and damn he’s freaking amazing. *sighs* Even with a broken nose. lol

      • U so crazy…LOL

      • I love Idris Elba, and Morris Chestnut…

      • You’re absolutely correct! I will not post my pic on this site…ever. Sorry!

      • WTF!?

      • Wow, Ziggy guess we are caught…sizing you up…What took you so long. LMFAO

      • Who’s closer sizing you up Salena or me?

      • Here’s the thing he isn’t like these other dudes. U get me? He isn’t going to reveal anything else about himself other than what he has already revealed. U get me?If he does reveal anything more it’s going to be only on his terms. U get me? He isn’t concerned about being liked, gawk at, admired etc it isn’t important to him. I think he’s very comfortable wielding his sword while riding into the night as he prepares for the next battle. (knight) U get me?
        *sighs* O Canada! O Canada! roflmao

        boy am I crazy or wha?!

      • I know, I thought as much…to me he’s still a cool guy.

      • Girl I don’t even know what to tell you about that. *sighs* How’s your Z clone doing? roflmao Mine still a give me back chat every now and again. 🙂 I’m trying to get mine to be a little bit more docile.;) I may have to abort the experiment it’s proving to be a lot more complex than I originally thought.lol

      • Listen I can tell u one thing about yours. Yours don’t EVER want to be on your BAD side…LMFAO. Oh, and mine I aborted the whole project too damn hard for me. I been busy on Jamaica Observer fighting JCANS about being homophobic…

      • I heard that they had homosexuals sleeping in sewers? wtf?

      • Yes, now the heat is on they are saying JA isn’t homophobic. What damn liars…I am digging their a$$es…

      • Need you and ziggy to join me.

      • It seems like most of them are homophobic. I feel too sorry for them.(homophobic people) they don’t have any sense I hope that they one day receive the same treatment. I gon swing by the rally and I’m thinking about bringing my Z clone.lol Be sure to tell the real Zig to come by but to wear a disguise.;)

      • LMFAOOOO

      • The cat’s out a the bag girl, we are caught by Ziggy…

      • I gave up and directed him to our post. roflmao I know the war in Iraq would’ve probably ended before he saw our post. *scratches head* ” Wait did it already end?!” roflmao

      • LOL, girl u so crazy.

      • I got into things with her too, I didn’t back down. Eventually I left the brick wall alone. You did the right thing. Make no sense you can’t keep up with ignorance.

      • That gal was ignorant as f#ck! Poor Ross, he thinks she’s some sort of internet monster. I made a real mess out of her. I plucked off her wings so she can’t fly down anyone’s throat anymore.
        You will find her cowering in some dark corner of her room afraid to even boot up her computer.

      • Ross Margarette

        He won’t care he is worth over 150 million

      • How do u know ur doctor doesnt have” property of young money” tatt on his ass?
        Sometimes wot u dont see is what u get.

      • Ross Margarette


      • Hmm never judge a book by its cover, such a bizarre example, but judge people based on their character. This Lee 2 Sparta doesn’t even have a song out or aspire to further himself in life besides being Nammy Lee weed carrier.

      • I get what you mean. I know human beings judge people on appearance etc. I’m pretty sure if I walk down the streets in a leotard. People are going to look at me crazy. If I wore black lipstick again crazy looks.

      • And that Grace Jones avy has me thinking you push the boundaries of fashion.

      • Lol I’m surprise you know her. I had a Mohawk and a nose piercing while I lived in the city. It was a blast! I was a bit of a Hipster. I lived everywhere. I loved going to Prospect Park. I loved the village. They were too many self serving people though but I love that freaking city.

        No one gave a sh8t it was the most liberating experience. 🙂

      • I recognize pop culture, the city is still filthy, but given all the gentrification in 2 years time, it will be unrecognizable. I see people come visit or move to nyc to express themselves, but really I find them trying too hard to be different instead of actually being about that life while they were coming of age.

      • Lol I get what you mean about trying too hard. Riding the train I always carried my iPod. I actually came of age in the city. Most of my friends were Spanish,white and Caribbean Mostly dudes. Do you live in Flatbush? I know this is a stereotype lol. I used to live there.

      • No actuality I live on the “outskirts”, if I lived there I wouldn’t be able to dive a car or have a good nights sleep. Well guess you parents sheltered you too much lo.. Seems like your life did a 360 since then.I’m guessing you’re old 😡

      • What do you mean? My parents and family were all in the Islands. Outskirts like Long Island? You dont like city noises? lol Old? maybe slightly older than you. 🙂

      • Na I know of some friends who frequent this blog so they will know it’s me.. I don’t need irl debates aside from what’s commented on lol.

        Well I guess you Americanized now

      • I find myself forgetting certain Caribbean things It pisses me off. I guess I could call Mamea and ask her. lol Even when I was back home people would tell me that I supposedly acted white. Whatever that means. When I lived in the city same thing.

        I’m a chilled chick.lol I’m a Pisces if you believe in that stuff but then again you don’t. Are you attached? lol
        I haven’t forgot how to cook Caribbean food.
        You’re cool dude nite nite.

      • I’m attached to a lot of things pertaining to having a stable life lol.. People always view you they way they want imo. Astrology do have some merit, but I don’t dig too deep because next thing you know I’d want my palms read.

      • I’d read your palms for you. I don’t know how to but you won’t know that. roflmao 😉
        I find the art of palmistry to be daunting. It seems like something you’d do with your lover. I’ll stick to studying the meaning of these 78 cards.

      • Ross Margarette

        Get em

      • Ross Margarette

        Get em lol

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, useless jobs at the office…not everyone is gonna be in the arts or own businesses…

      • Right, thats why those who choose to be in arts and own their own buisness can do whatever they feel like with their body and those who settle for useless jobs have no place in judgin em for doing so;)

      • Gloria Thompson

        So what u suggest those that aren’t fortunate to be artists and business owners do. And I do believe there are millions of people all over the world in that position.

      • Lol being an artist or buisness owner has nothing to do with “luck”. Its risk, hustle,bravery and hard sacrifice those who settle for “safety”will never know .

      • Gloria Thompson

        Everyone in the world can’t be artists and business owners.

      • Of course they can. What would stop one from being bizz owner?

      • Gloria Thompson

        I for one work at one of the network station and I know my job is not worthless.

      • Everybody can sing anybody can rap, only very few are truly gifted. And yes everyone can do what they want with their body but dont expect nobody to criticize it. He put it on his face so he can draw attention. He could of put it on his chest, but no he wants all eyes on his tattoo. Make sense of what ur saying u sound uneducated as well.

    • Gloria Thompson

      So true, he’s not thinking at all.

  9. i know that guy he is not from mobay…. he resides a 9 miles bull bay st. andrew and he dance for a living …

  10. He’s gonna regret getting that tattoo very soon, especially where he got it. He doesn’t care now but later he will.

  11. Country turn devil now

  12. Hhahahahahahha

  13. The problem is he doesn’t really know what 666 really means. 666 is the number of Carbon which is the building block of Life. The deceiver hides the truth from the ignorant by switching the meaning. In his books he says that its the number of the beast. That is to keep you from the truth and associate it with evil.

    When you think evil thoughts you disassociate and create an alter-ego. In doing that your Mind becomes trapped as a Soul and will never ascend Spiritually. That means when you die you become a Ghost to walk the Earth eternally instead of a Spirit that ascends to the Universe. Dohgon Wisdom. Wake up Black people

    • Which book says 666 is the number of the beast?

      • The same book (Bible) that black people have been reading but can never seem to rise out of despair. The problem is it was not written for us, it was written by Hebrews for Hebrews. That which the Romans have added to (New Testament) also does not apply. We will rise up out of despair when we find the truth of our own origin as Black people, the first people. The Hebrews took a very long time to come up with the Torah.

      • The fact remains he thinks 666 will scare people, he can’t even get a job paving the roads looking like this lmao..

      • Gloria Thompson

        Don’t think he want to work anyway…

    • 666 is the number of carbon you say, so your saying that those who wrote the bible knew atomic numbers and the periodic table thousands of years ago??? When was the periodic table created??? Carbon is the building block of life? Since when did life have a tangible building block? Carbon obviously cannot conceive itself into inception…..it has to be made by a greater force, a higher being, a GOD. That said, your brain cells are obviously corroded with a dense build up of carbon.

      • P’suppy, listen (Lo now) Those who wrote precursors to the books found in the Bible (Levites) stole their knowledge from KMT. Knowledge that they themselves did not understand.

        Carbon was the first element. It is also present in the core of the Sun. Why? Matter emerged from Antimatter through the core of the Sun by a permutation process (Numbers). Your scientists will continue to spend billions of dollars colliding Atoms and never know what AfRAcans know in KMT. Guh s**k yuh madda

      • Since my last post was deleted, probably for responding to your diss (I don’t back from no war) I will reiterate.

        1) The Hebrews stole knowledge that they did not understand from Egypt(KMT) Simple minded am I? Tell me how the Pyramids were built. No god or scientist will ever be able to.

        2) Carbon was the first Element to emerge out of the Dark Universe through the core of the Sun by way of a permutation process.

        There was no God or Big Bang. All Life developed from Carbon. No Carbon no Life. Keep searching for Aliens, you wont find any but you will keep Humans preoccupied with the fantasy just like the ones about gods. Also scientists keep wasting Billions of dollars trying to find out how the Universe was created but AfRAkans knew how thousands of years ago.

  14. I can’t stop laughing at this monumental idiot!

    “A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616.

    A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616.

    The new fragment from the Book of Revelation, written in ancient Greek and dating from the late third century, is part of a hoard of previously unintelligible manuscripts discovered in historic dumps outside Oxyrhynchus in Egypt. Now a team of expert classicists, using new photographic techniques, are finally deciphering the original writing.

    Professor David Parker, Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism and Paleography at the University of Birmingham, thinks that 616, although less memorable than 666, is the original. He said: “This is an example of gematria, where numbers are based on the numerical values of letters in people’s names. Early Christians would use numbers to hide the identity of people who they were attacking: 616 refers to the Emperor Caligula.””
    -TOM ANDERSON Sunday 01 May 2005

    • Gloria Thompson

      Thought it was the number 666.

    • Can you ever type a comment that isnt copy/paste of someone elses words?

      Btw,that c– p is incorrect.
      It indeed is 666

      • Sure can, Ace. Have you ever thought to address the argument instead of attacking the messenger? It’s not too difficult. All one would have to do is read the four paragraphs written by Tom Anderson, formulate an opinion and then reply in a cogent manner. Simply stating that it is incorrect without offering any evidence to the contrary won’t work here. You’ve have got to bring more than just your vacuous opinion to the table if you wish for me to take you seriously.

  15. He is so damn ugly no one knows who this clown his . Let’s send him to the circus .

    • Stephen Higgins

      what part did you play in the way you look ? – Answer ZERO – the all – might made him who the F U C K are you to have a problem with the way this person look – like you more misguided than this youth

    • Gloria Thompson

      Not a bad looking guy to me. Just sad what he did to his face.

  16. Seriously, most of these “artist” nowadays are just gimmicks!! Dancehall has always been a very raw genre but at least the older music had substance and story lines. Big up what used to be Scare Dem Crew!! what happen to Ghost? his voice was priceless.

  17. This dude is trying to be bad with his perfectly arched eyebrows.

  18. I really wonder what is the gain out of this. these guys really going to the extreme for what? smh jus wish all this would stop. listen to some conscious music n move forward positively

  19. Them youth ah ja need fi work and stop the fu**rey, come Trinidad and work , nuff work down here, trini people them too lazy

  20. Dancehall need a shake up. Bounty Killer need fi stop trace pon Twitter and start step pon dem waste man ya weh a mashup dancehall. SMH

    • Bounty Killer starting to look like a loser . He makes problem with every one .

      • Stephen Higgins

        I was never aware that the general was competing much more to loose – Some people need to stop focus on Bounty Killers tweets and do something for themselves

      • Listen Stephen you are an idiot do not talk to me . I say what the hell I want . Bounty is not the first dance hall artist . I am fan of Bounty some times he say things that’s true other times he needs to shut the hell up like you dick head .

      • Stephen go to hell . Listen let people voice their opinion .

      • Stephen Higgins

        NYC Two – who is talking to you – a wha teck this big bloodclaat retard

      • Jack as Bounty is in the public eye . Listen I am a Bounty fan when he had hit a woman with a hammer I was one of his fans stood up for him and I got cursed out don’t tell me sh-t . You pot belly chicken head pig .

    • Competition is getting stiff, Demons…Anal sex….Pederasty. …what do you expect the poor mongrel to do?? got to upstage the last fool #foolsgonewildpart4

    • Mongrel I agree 100%

    • Bounty going to mess with the wrong person he never messes with rasta artistes they don’t put up with crap .

  21. Sooner or later he will question his purpose in life lol. Mobay seems to be the melting pot for all things corrupt.