Munga – Hungry Days Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Hungry days again
Worst start gunshot start blaze again
Dem curfew the place again
More innocent gone a jail again
Mama cyaa find no bail again
This look like the system fail again
Government nah provide no way fi dem
Please beg you pray fi dem

Cause da system yah no cares about the people at all
Politician living boasty while poor people a bwal
Ghetto youth waan work but work is just so hard fi dem get
Dem no over qualify, dem disqualify
Because of their address and talk

(Verse 2)
The matter of the fact is
Dem build prison but dem locking down the factories
Police no stop run down the busses and the taxi’s
But dem raising up the prices and the taxi’s
Parliament is full of fools and foxes
A bay folly and corruption dem a practice
Give the youths dem jail, grave yard and board boxes
And if yo talk dem waan put yo pon the black list

But there shall come a time when we shall take a stand
Be prepared in your mind
Markus Garvy words came to pass
All the blind see, all the dumb will talk

(Repeat Chorus 2X)