Lady Saw – Selfie Lyrics

Mi look good in a mi selfie
Cuter than mi matie
Gyal jealous and a trace mi
Mi update mi pics dem lately

Body tun up pon mi twitter page
Face pretty like mi nah age
Gyal hack in a mi facebook
Because a me dem man a look

(Verse 1)
One million man a follow mi pon instagram
Body tun up like Kim Kardashian
No wear knock off, only name brand
Closet full a shoes yes, bay red bottom

How me one hot suh? I don’t know
Gyal face a one drop suh
How mi suh sure
Gyal toe knock from sealing to floor
Mi get good genes and it show

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No nips, no tucks
Nothing no fake paw mi, no hair brush
No silicone no inject in a mi but
Hey gyal yo old than mi mother hush

Check out mi profile, look pon mi hairstyle
Some gyal seh dem hot but only fi a while
Wid out make up, black head dem cake up
But me tek pic’s when mi just wake up

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi get 10,000 likes caw mi pic’s dem nice
A million hit and a that gyal no like
When mi phone click mi meck mi fans night
When a gyal tek a picture oh fright night
Apple tek a picture wid a man icon
Being all tek it up cause a bay high fashion
Runway wi thing deh New York, London

(Repeat Chorus)