Lady Saw Talks Singing In Church Before Dancehall Career

A lot of dancehall fans would not believe that Lady Saw started singing in the church before getting her big break in dancehall in the early 1990s.

The queen of the dancehall recently sat down with VLADTV where she opened up about her musical roots in the church which inspired her dancehall career.

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“I first started doing music while I was in church,” Lady Saw said. “I was a Seventh Day Adventist and they use to call me up in the evenings to sing. Also there was a dancehall close to my home in St. Mary where I grew up and my dad use to do night fishing and he use to take my mother and then my older sister use to take us through the window to the dancehall to watch our grand mother perform because she use to dance.”

Lady Saw is widely regarding as the greatest female dancehall artist of all time with several big hits and international collaboration under her belt including the Grammy-winning duet “Underneath It All” with No Doubt.

Saw also revealed that she is currently working on her upcoming album Alter Ego. She said the album will have a mixture of Lady Saw and Marion Hall.