Mad Cobra – Duppy Bat [New Music]

Dancehall star Mad Cobra drop a new single “Duppy Bat,” off the The Bomba Riddim, Produced by Truckback Records.

Have a bloodclaat gun weh name right away
Right away, from bwoy fi dead mi dweet right away
Bullet left him pon him face right away
Bwoy head buss like balloon cause traffic a the right a way
No pu–y no gi wi talk, last breath tek away
Tek away, chest bone crack wid the letter K
Kill yuh, then use yo big pu–y gyal fi get away
F–k hi, then kill hi meck dem find her set away

Pu–y hole fi know seh man wi run wanted fi dem
All the house weh dem live in a turn haunted to dem
Body a swing from tree, maggot a tek the knee
Head chop off a body, sun scorch it fi dem

Listen full track below.