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Tommy Lee Sparta Release “Whine Up” Video

Tommy Lee Sparta serves up the video for his single “Whine Up.” The video features plenty banging females showing off their dance moves in neon paint.

The video came on the heels on a viral video uploaded to YouTube of Tommy Lee crying about a run in with one of Vybz Kartel’s thugs.

The Montego Bay deejay is also gearing up for a big performance a this summer’s Reggae Sumfest on his home ground.


  1. This must be the ultimate male fantasy. Notice how the dudes are always fully dressed in this played out scenario.

    • Beautifully shot though.

    • The ultimate male fantasy is that our daughters don’t end up in a video like this… Idiot gyal dem skin out fi new wig and panty..

      • I think you one in a million. lol I’m pretty sure if you see some chick in a piece of clothes you gon look.

      • I just want to see these dudes get equally naked LOL.

      • As long as it’s not my daughter.

      • That sounds hypocritical. So lemme get this straight these girls are idiots for being scantily clad. But then you have no problem watching them so long as it’s not your daughter. lol

      • Like I said if its not mine, who cares.. them sell out fi new panty and lace front.

      • How they sell out? You have any indication that these girls were outstanding citizens. It’s a music video with scantily dress chicks and simulated sex. I don’t see any sexual organs or penetration going on. I don’t think it’s that serious. I take it you don’t watch porn. lol

      • Why watch porn when I can have a woman in the comfort of my apartment. You think Nammy Lee paying them well enough, I doubt.. they just looking hype.

      • I don’t know just being in a video or movie would do it for me.

      • Mi know say you freaky from long time, since the witchcraft confessions… ur scheme touch road. Just keep it on a levels..

      • I’m not Jamaican so I don’t know what certain things mean. lol What do you mean by ‘ scheme touch road’? No you wont catch me dressing like that lol

      • Gloria Thompson

        Surprised thought u were JCAN

      • No I’m from the VI. I think some of our words are similar and What you guys call ‘duppy’ we call ‘ jumbee’ .

      • Not so much witchcraft more like tarot cards lol.

      • Still the dark arts, no man want that.

      • Lol they won’t know unless I tell them.:)

      • Smh a good example of someone to watch out for.

      • Why I won’t hurt you. 🙂 Aren’t you living in the city you should be a bit more open-minded. Just because I’m into the metaphysical whether it’s tarot cards,astrology, numerology etc doesn’t mean I’m unworthy. I’m not out here sleeping around etc. I don’t have any problems with sexuality etc. I might be unworthy of you and that might be fine. I think you into chicks you can control. 🙂

      • I used to have a thing for certain kinds of guys. As I look back I see that I probably missed out on the guy I probably needed. Who knows you might need a girl like me. roflol

      • From personal experience my aunt dabbled in that tarot card mess and her life ended up becoming a mess. I base everything off of facts. Just be careful…

      • Ok 🙂