Kiprich – Bubble Up Lyrics

Hi Caribbean girls a you mi waan grip
The whole night a you mi waan grip
Meck mi tell you something pretty likkle chick
Mi love how you rock dem hips

Gyal mi waan you fi bubble up yo body for mi
Me a go brace when you put it paw mi
You a the girl weh know
Yo know how fi gimmi real vibes

Gyal mi waan you fi bubble up yo body for mi
Deh kind a wine deh meck mi horny
You a the girl weh know
You know how fi meck mi feel nice

(Verse 1)
Look yah no gyal yo si the look
Look weh yo have
Meck mi heart jump inna mi chest like frog
Anytime you step inna the place an a gwaan
Gyal a you every man a come to a nag
When you a wine up is a sight fi see it
YYou have the remedy fi lock down any party
Champion bubblier, you dem cyaa trouble yah
Acrobat style caw yo body hearty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal take on the road climb up pon the box
You a gyal weh haffi get yo wining props
Mi si yo waist line a move
And yo top party’s lock
Gyal a try compete when you done that flop
Any gyal man yo wine pon tell are it’s a ropped
Caw you have the sticky weh fi meck man trapped
When some gyal a wine it meck yo waan take a nap
A weh that shi a do, cho real handicap

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)