Mavado – Paypa Lyrics

Wi waan some head in a pocket
Head in a pocked
And when mi seh head in a pocket
Mi mean bread in a pocket
Mi money full a weight like led in a jacket

A wa mi seh?
Paypa, paypa
Whole heap a Franklyn paypa
Wi no si spy nor traitor
Weh mi seh paypa

Paypa, paypa
Anything mi have yo know it pay fa
Pon the hill yo si mi acre
Weh mi seh paypa

(Verse 1)
Mi meck doe like the baker
Mi work hard like ants so mi save hard like the savior
Mi have a hustling behavior
If mi no meck a dollar better days mi a pray fah
When yo si mi got the money t mi a play fah
Players wi Nanny give mi a new Shearer
Mi have a woman a mi yard name money
And mi wife mi a f it meck fi mi life dearer
Man nam carrot if you waan fi si clearer
Mi si seh poor life bitter like alovaria
Wi a run the road, wi a go fah like Fearer
Fi meck a box a money fi da year yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I man deh yah pon the hustle fi mi doe
Nah meck my mommy sleep out a door
Daddy did tell mi, mi reap wa mi sow
So mi plant fi mi money tree, watch hi money grow
Paper works in a fi mi hand
If is a trillion
Mi a share it, a no fi… fi mi one
Purchase mi own island like Gillion
Mi f gyal weh a Cicilion
Hey trace tell the dawg dem
Mi seh f the Lui bag
Yeh dash hi weh, burn the Lui bag
Lui cyaa hold the money weh wi have
Si the kitchen deh, get the glad garbage bag

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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