Liquid ft. Patexx – Life Over Everything Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yea tho I walk through di valley of death
God almighty him a guide my step
Dem well waan fi si mi eye shot
But mi side step every trap wa dem a set

Liquid so mi bun out some badmind guys
Mi no know wah dem waan wid my life
Dem no waan fi si ghetto youth strive
And it burn dem cause am alive
If yuh no know wah yuh a know in this time
Pronounce dead a yo body dem find
Every body eye red fi di dollar coin
Mi haffi ask father God wah happen to mankind

Put up yo hand all God bless people
From yuh know yuh no mix in a evil
Spread yo wings an fly like eagle
Give praise that we do

Cause a life over everything
Life over everything
Mi no care bout no money an no bling bling
Cause mi know seh God provide everything
Life over everything
Life over everything
Blessed assurance is di song that we sing

(Verse 2)
Mi heart clean spring water
God gimme blessing mi seh wid brata
Fi mi soley dem dem after
But when mi read mi bible mi get di answer
Done bless already an dem cyan curse wi
Heart clean yow an it no dirty
Fi di wicked dem no have no mercy
We no do dem nothing an dem waan hurt wi
Jah Jah show mi a sign
Mi a pray fi mankind
Up di ladder mi climb
Dem waan fi shorten mi time
To how yuh work yuh get pay
So mi no idle an play
But to Jah Jah mi pray
Fi drive di Edens away

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)