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CHRIS BROWN: D.C. Assault Bloody Photos Released

Chris Brown is in a lot of legal trouble and it’s nowhere near over.

A judge just approve the release of the photos from the singer’s Washington D.C. assault case and they look pretty bad.

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In one photo you can see the victim Parker Adams with a bleeding nose and blood on his shirt. Adams nose was broken in the alleged incident that took place in October last year outside Chris Brown’s tour bus.

A photo of Breezy’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy was also released, as well as, a photo of Chris Brown and two female fans just moments before the fight.

C Brown assault victim

Chris Brown is currently being held without bond in a Los Angeles jail awaiting trial for the assault case in D.C.

Chris Brown bodyguard has already been found guilty in the case.

If found guilty the R&B singer could spend years in prison for violating his probation in his Rihanna beating case.



  1. He should become a boxer

  2. Can they just lock up Chris Brown and throw away the key.