Flippa Moggela Back In U.S. Court May 27

Flippa Moggela, former known as Flippa Mafia, is staring down a lengthy prison sentence for drug trafficking in the United States.

The dancehall entertainer, who is branded as a drug lord by U.S authorities, will return to court on May 27 where they are expected to enter a plea. A trial date will then be set for Flippa and his younger brother.

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Flippa Mafia, whose real name is Andrew Davis, was arrested in September last year in Los Angeles after entering the country illegally. His brother Kemar Davis and seven others were later nabbed by U.S. Drug Enforcement Agents.

The dancehall self proclaim flossing king was extradited to New Jersey where he is being held on a half a million dollar bond.

He is charged with cocaine distribution, leading an international dug ring, and money laundering charges.

If convicted he faces up to 20 years in a federal prison.


  1. How you in a life of crime and act so boasy, self imprisonment, damn shame..

    • God is not sleeping only a matter time even if Flippa was a good person wrong move.

  2. Flippa damn idiot this ni*a throwing money and he needs money . What a money hungry clown . If the judge throws the book at him he is screwed . He better pray he only get a state charge and not federal or both . Look what Buju going through and I saw this fool in Miami talking up a Storm .